Is there a "meal" or "something" in the bathroom?

August 26, 17:12

Have you ever been told "please use the toilet"?

What the hell are you doing?

I have a meal.

Baby food, boobs.

There are times when moms have to feed their babies in the bathroom.


(Yukiyo Nagano, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Babies have no place to eat outside!


"There is only a toilet !! Let's get back to the car !!"

This is a real experience of a 35-year-old woman who lives in Saitama prefecture and is raising a 5-month-old girl.

There are few opportunities to go out due to the corona sickness, and I usually stay alone with my baby at home.

It was the day when my family went shopping at the shopping center for a change.

"I had already breast-fed just before I left home, but I burst into tears at the store. I went to the breast-feeding room in a hurry, but there were so few lines that I had no choice but to hurry back to the car. I didn't know until my child was born, but there were really few places where I could breastfeed, and I was in a situation where I had to "only have a toilet!" I'm going to the car "

Mothers raising babies have trouble breastfeeding when they go out.

"When I asked if there was a nursing space, I was asked to go to the bathroom. It's an important meal for my baby.

" Was unpleasant. I want more space for breastfeeding and changing diapers. ”(Female, 30s)

(2018“ Questionnaire on breastfeeding when going out ”)

This is a part of the voices sent to the free description column in a survey conducted by the "Mother and Child Childcare Support Network" created by a private organization that provides childcare support.

Every day, voices such as "I was in trouble because I didn't have a nursing room, so I was breastfeeding while standing in the bathroom" and "I'm breastfeeding in the bathroom. I'm sorry to use it for a long time" are posted on SNS and childcare apps.

Breastfeeding in the bathroom on the go is something that you can't laugh at.

The number of nursing rooms is not exactly known, but the private-sector nursing room search app has about 19,700 registered facilities.

Given that 800,000 to 900,000 babies are born each year, the impression is not enough.

We asked Professor Mayumi Hasegawa of Utsunomiya University, who specializes in community-based welfare, for the reason.

Professor Mayumi Hasegawa, Utsunomiya University

"First of all, there are many men who are involved in work such as facility equipment and management. And there are many men who make decisions in any organization. Among those people Some people find it difficult to imagine the situation with babies and the difficulty of breastfeeding. For those involved in childcare, the worries and troubles of childcare change one after another as the child grows, for example, from breastfeeding to baby food and diaper removal. , It is difficult to continue to speak out about the environmental issues surrounding breastfeeding. "

It was a man who made the popular private room type recently

While there are voices saying that there are not enough nursing rooms, the number of private nursing rooms that can be retrofitted in various places is increasing recently.

This time, we covered two types.

All of them do not require large-scale construction and can be installed if there is a certain space.

Actually, this private nursing room was developed by both men.

President Mitsushiro Nakano (43), a company that manufactures and sells private rooms for telework in Saitama Prefecture.

From this year, we have launched a private nursing room in earnest.

Why did you dare to develop a nursing room where it is hard to imagine that the market will expand amid the declining birthrate?

When I asked him, he told me what happened 10 years ago.

A very hot summer day with the cry of cicadas.

At that time, I was in the sales position of car sales, and it was the day when I was in charge of the showroom on duty.

"Can I rent a backseat for a little car?"

Asked a woman with a duck.

The baby is crying.

The woman was pulling the hand of a girl about two years old and pushing an empty stroller with her luggage in her other hand.

I wanted to give my baby a boobs, so I tried to guide him into the showroom, but the woman said, "It feels more like a private room in the car."

Although I was surprised at the first time, I explained the situation to other employees and provided the car on display with air conditioning.

The woman, who took a short break and returned with a smile, came back to the store a few days later and said that she expressed her gratitude many times.

President Mitsushiro Nakano

"At this time, I really thought it was really difficult to raise a child. I couldn't forget the words that my exhausted mother complained," There is no place to breastfeed with peace of mind. "

Even after that, mothers with babies sometimes came to the store for a break, which provided an opportunity to investigate the facilities and child-rearing environment in the city.

After that, Mr. Nakano, who became independent after changing jobs, developed and sold a prefabricated booth for smoking and teleworking, while listening to more than 100 mothers and repeating the trial production of the nursing room.

After a development period of 9 years, it was finally completed last year.

Inside the box-shaped nursing room, which is 150 cm wide, 105 cm deep, and 213 cm high, you can change diapers, an outlet, a USB power supply, a camera and monitor that allows you to check the outside, and in the unlikely event of a situation. There is also an emergency buzzer in case of preparation.

I thought about having it installed easily in private shops, small and medium-sized enterprises, local governments, etc.

The price is 450,000 yen (excluding tax).

MISTRAL President Mitsushiro Nakano

"It's difficult for men to understand how difficult it is to breastfeed, and sometimes women also give a strict look outside, so I'm really worried about the eyes from morning to evening. I think society needs more places where people who care for their babies can run outside without having to wait until they can rest in peace. "

Meanwhile, another nursing room was developed by an IT venture in Yokohama, which operates a nursing room search app.

This is 180 cm wide, 90 cm deep and 200 cm high.

In addition to chairs that allow you to change diapers, we also have chairs for children so that older children can sit while breastfeeding.

If you want the installation side to realize the benefits, you can send information such as playing corporate advertisement videos on terminals such as monitors installed in the room, and you can also ask users to answer questionnaires.

With a special sensor, it is possible to grasp the number of users and average usage time per day, and it can also be used as marketing data.

Prices start at 2.48 million yen (excluding tax) per unit for purchase and 49,800 yen (excluding tax) per month for rental.

Since its launch four years ago, 280 units have now been installed in various facilities nationwide, such as shopping malls and roadside stations.

Trim Representative Yusuke Hasegawa (37)

"We have developed so that the value of having a nursing room can be seen numerically. While I feel a little bit of a response, even if the person in charge at the site understands the necessity, the management It is sometimes said that it would be better to make something different, such as equipment for the elderly and a smoke separation space. I think it's a society that has a low priority for babies, even though it should be something that we should create. "

What is the aim of the newly established company?

Some companies are willing to set up a nursing room.

Mitsui Fudosan, a major player in the industry, has 10 facilities and has installed a total of 24 box-shaped nursing rooms.

At outlets and other commercial facilities operated by this company, more than half of the customers are families.

For that reason, we have traditionally set up a nursing room in commercial facilities, but we have also installed an additional private room type to create an environment where you can breastfeed with greater peace of mind.

It is said that private rooms are popular because they can avoid corona stagnation and are easy for men to use for changing diapers.

A spokeswoman for Mitsui Fudosan said, "It's better to devote more space to the store than to increase the number of nursing rooms, which directly leads to sales. However, there are competing commercial facilities, so you can choose our store. We are focusing on child-rearing-friendly facilities. As a result, we feel that it has motivated customers to come to our store, which has led to an increase in the number of visitors. "

These private nursing rooms.

Recently, in addition to public facilities such as city halls, roadside stations, and hospitals, there are continuing cases of introduction at shrines.

At a shrine in Samukawa Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is visited by 2 million worshipers annually, two private nursing rooms were set up in the waiting room in September last year.

This is because at the shrine, there are opportunities to stay in the precincts for a long time with young children, such as visiting the shrine and Shichigosan.

A spokeswoman for the shrine said, "In the past, we used to make a simple nursing room with a tsuitate, but we introduced it because a private room would be more psychologically safe."

It is said that there are 10 to 20 groups used a day.

It's not just shrines.

The director of the Osteopathic Institute in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, which was introduced in June, said, "By installing such equipment in various places, I wanted to help create an environment where children can be raised throughout the region. We are also aiming to attract a new customer base as an opportunity. "

Society when today's babies grow up

Professor Mayumi Hasegawa, Utsunomiya University

"Compared to before, mothers are now able to convey and send requests to the facility side. You can check with a dedicated app, and word of mouth says that this facility is good. Since we can share it above, we are in a situation where businesses cannot ignore this information. I think we should create a society where mothers can always breastfeed without stress and with peace of mind. "

In fact, even after returning to work from maternity leave or childcare leave, the problem of breasts does not end immediately.

This is because the mother's body produces breast milk even if she drinks less often.

If your baby doesn't drink for a long time, it can be very painful.

Many workplaces do not have a nursing room yet, and you will have to secretly milk in the bathroom.

Today, I have a mother who breastfeeds and milks in the bathroom.

Breast milk is an important diet for babies.

Each person has his or her own thoughts and values ​​regarding childcare, but I hope that men, who are often in the decision-making layer, will know that there is such a situation.

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