Danish scholar Obery, founder of the Transnational Peace and Future Research Foundation think tank, recently published an academic article "Behind the Smoke Screen".

The article pointed out that the Western media has formed a "accusation industry", fully politicizing the source of the virus and stigmatizing China, and the United States is the main driving force behind this.

  This 132-page article by Danish scholar Obery mentioned that it is unlikely to see positive reports on China in Western mainstream media because they have formed a "accusation industry" in China-related reports.

Obery said that Western media reports on topics such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are all negative news about China. They are now accusing China on the issue of virus traceability, which exposes a certain tendency to manipulate public opinion.

  Danish scholar Oberg: I ​​think this is very dangerous. We wrote this article to remind people to look at this mode of operation.

Because in the media, one thing may be seen on one day (negative news), and another thing (negative news) on another day.

People don't associate them, but if you think about it, this is actually a means of continuously manipulating public opinion through the media. This is what we call mainstream media operations.

  Oberg believes that the United States is the main driving force behind the collective stigmatization of China by the Western mainstream media.

This not only ended the so-called freedom of the press, but also marked the end of public thinking.

  Danish scholar Oberg: I ​​think everyone should know that one of the three bills recently passed by the United States is to invest 1.5 billion US dollars in the next five years to train Western media and journalists to write negative reports about China.

Now in my opinion, I'm sorry, this is the end of media freedom of speech.

If a government pays for its own media and Western media to create a special negative attitude, this is a part that we should be very concerned about.

Because this is the end of media freedom of speech, this is the end of public thinking.

No matter what we write, no one in the West accepts it.

If we stop free discussion, there will be no democracy, and society will not develop.