In early autumn, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Chengde City, Hebei Province to start the 9th domestic inspection this year.

  On the afternoon of August 23, Xi Jinping inspected the Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm in the northernmost part of Hebei Province.

He came to Moon Mountain, 1900 meters above sea level, to listen to Hebei Province’s overall promotion of the management of landscape, forest, field, lake, grass and sand system and the introduction of Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm. He cordially visited the couple who had been guarding Wanghai Tower for 13 years; he came to Shanghai Memorial Forest, Observe the forest growth, understand the protection of animals and plants, and have a cordial exchange with the three generations of staff representatives of the forest farm to jointly seek the future development of the forest farm.

  On the morning of August 24, Xi Jinping inspected Chengde Mountain Resort, inspected the main buildings and tourist service facilities, and learned more about the history and cultural relic protection of the villa; inspected historical monuments and temple buildings at Puning Temple, listened to reports on religious work, etc.; came to Chengde Museum, visit the exhibition "Inside and Outside of the Great Wall-Records of National Unity in Qing Dynasty" to learn more about the development of ethnic relations in the Qing Dynasty and various measures to maintain national unity, border stability, and national unity. It is pointed out that the party's national theory and nationality should be fully implemented Policies to continuously consolidate and develop socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony.

  On the afternoon of August 24, Xi Jinping came to Daguikou Village, Pianqiaozi Town, Shuangluan District, to learn about the local promotion of rural revitalization, and visit the villagers’ homes, emphasizing the promotion of mutual promotion of workers and farmers, complementation of urban and rural areas, coordinated development and common prosperity. New-type industrial-peasant-urban-rural relationship; at the home care service center in Binhe Community of the High-tech Zone, inspect the information platform, adaptive aging renovation and other projects, inquire in detail about the scope of services, rescue methods and other matters, and have cordial exchanges with the community.

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