Paris (AFP)

Residents of nursing homes will be able to receive a third dose of vaccine against Covid-19 from September 13, said Thursday Matignon, after the announcement by Jean Castex of the start of this campaign in the residences of the elderly "from the 12 , September 13 ".

This date will see the "restart of the systematic campaign, after obtaining consent, for the third doses (of vaccine) in nursing homes", the Prime Minister said on RTL.

Those over 65 and people with comorbidities will be able, from September 1, to resume an appointment to have their 3rd dose, as recommended by the High Authority for Health, he added, recalling that it took "a period of about 6 months between the second and the third dose".

The 3rd dose is considered necessary because "vaccine protection in some people - the most fragile, the oldest - decreases", argued the head of government.

With vaccination, "we are 8 times less likely to be infected, 11 times less likely to go to the hospital," he said.

The Prime Minister has also ruled out the possibility of introducing the health pass in all companies.

"The health pass in the company is not topical," assured Jean Castex, eager to give "priority" to the vaccination campaign.

The health pass "is one tool among others" but "the end is vaccination", he insisted.

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