In Afghanistan, many Afghans have been evacuated abroad since the Taliban seized power.

Under these circumstances, we are urgently responding to the possibility that the number of refugees from Afghanistan will increase among neighboring countries such as Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, with the withdrawal deadline of the US military approaching the end of this month, countries such as Japan and the United States are rushing to evacuate their citizens and cooperators from the airport in the capital Kabul.

Under these circumstances, Afghanistan's neighboring countries are wary of those who have tried to escape from the Taliban's rule since the Taliban seized power.

Of these, at the border crossing in Tolham, northwestern Pakistan, people who were able to obtain a Pakistani visa were entering the country while military soldiers were watching.

On the other hand, on the Afghan side, which borders on the border, the Taliban flag was raised, and it was seen that Taliban fighters were holding guns and watching.

The Pakistani government is expected to discuss with neighboring countries such as Tajikistan, Iran, and China about the response of Afghan people fleeing abroad, and is urgently responding that the number of refugees may increase among neighboring countries in the future.

Russia evacuates more than 500 people

On the 25th, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it will evacuate more than 500 Russian citizens in Afghanistan and former Soviet citizens such as Belarus and Tajikistan under the direction of President Putin.

In response to this, Russia was nervous about destabilizing the region by taking citizens from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to evacuate to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia in addition to Russia. It seems to be sharp.

Government officer who fled to Turkey "If you return, you are in danger of life"

Since the Taliban seized power, the press, Mr. Mujahid, said, "We forgive everyone and will not retaliate against those who worked for government forces or foreign powers." We guarantee that we will be able to return to Japan and live in peace and that there will be no danger. " not.

A man who fought the Taliban as an officer of the Afghan government army until last month and is now fleeing to neighboring Turkey said in an interview with NHK that "returning to the country will definitely endanger his life" and distrust of the Taliban. I revealed the feeling.

The man had commanded about 50 troops of government troops in northern Afghanistan until last month, but the Taliban, which conquered local cities one after another, repeatedly threatened men and their families to leave the government forces. It means that it has arrived.

The Taliban sought out and killed government commanders and soldiers against his own words, "forgive people," the man said, saying, "I can't see anything about the future of my home country. It ’s very hopeless, ”he said, and he had no choice but to flee abroad.

He left his hometown, saying, "The Taliban has an intelligence department, and I already know that I am in Turkey. I have detailed information about the families of the residents in each district I am in charge of." Has already expressed the view that it will be known to the Taliban side.

After entering Iran by regular route, a man illegally entered Turkey by land by asking a smuggler, and now lives hiding in a room in an urban apartment with his compatriots who have also fled their home country. I have.

The Turkish government is strengthening measures against illegal immigrants, such as building a wall on the border with neighboring Iran, where men have entered the country.

"I can't get any information about my friends who have their smartphones turned off. I think they were arrested by the Turkish police," he said.

The man is looking for an opportunity to flee to Europe, but he is worried that he may be caught and deported to Afghanistan someday.

World Bank financial assistance suspended

The World Bank, headquartered in Washington, USA, has announced on the 24th that it has temporarily suspended financial assistance for economic development to Afghanistan, where the Taliban has seized power.

The reason is "because I am deeply concerned about the impact on women in Afghanistan."

Among international organizations, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which is also headquartered in Washington, has stopped providing financial support to Afghanistan that can be used in emergencies such as a shortage of foreign currency.