Saihanba 300 years ago

It was once the "Mulan Paddock" of the Qing Dynasty

Deer hunting herd

Since then, it has experienced wars, wildfires and predatory logging

By the 1960s

Saihanba quicksand sparse vegetation

And Beijing, 180 kilometers away

Almost every year I encounter sand and dust

△ Saihanba, once ecologically destroyed

To stop the desert from approaching Beijing

Conservation of water resources in Beijing-Tianjin area

At the same time, in order to meet the development demand for wood

The then Ministry of Forestry in 1962

Decided to build a large mechanical forest farm in Saihanba

After more than half a century of struggle

Saihanba gave birth to the largest artificial forest sea in the world

August 23, 2021

General Secretary Xi Jinping came

Investigation and Investigation of Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm in Hebei Province

△Saihanba today

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

The construction of ecological civilization has been raised to an unprecedented height

Let the people of the forest farm have a deeper awakening

The people of Saihanba successively launched the fortification and afforestation

Naturalization improvement of plantation

Three major projects for the near-naturalization and cultivation of natural forests

They try to make the artificial forest closer to nature

Forest area of ​​Saihanba

Increased from 240,000 mu to 1.151 million mu

Forest coverage increased from 11.4% to 82%

Prevented water and soil erosion amount of 5,135,500 tons

Saihanba is a vivid example of ecological civilization construction!

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