• Amorebieta 10 arrested for brutal beating


the young man brutally attacked in the Biscayan town of


on July 25 by about twenty people belonging to the violent gang called

'Los Hermanos Koala',

has been transferred to the plant at the




but his situation it is still "extremely serious".

As sources close to the family have informed Europa Press, last Friday another CT scan was carried out on the young man, which gave the same results as the resonance performed previously: he has both sides of the brain "very damaged by the attack", without evolution to better.

"The left part of the brain is very damaged and without the possibility of recovery, while the recovery of the right hemisphere of the brain depends on your body. If your body endures and regenerates, it may have a chance to wake up," they have indicated.

The patient breathes on his own, remains in a coma, and they have taken him down to the ward because in the ICU "there is nothing they can do to him,"

the same sources have reported, adding that the doctors give him pain medication.

"Last night he had a high fever and a lot of pain; he was shaking and sweating a lot, which alerted the doctors, who did tests to find out why his fever had risen to almost 39 degrees," they explained.

After performing tests to rule out a urinary infection, this Tuesday he had blood tests done again, the results of which will be transferred to the family tomorrow.

"He is still very, very serious.

We hope they give him medication to relieve the pain," they added.

The 23-year-old, a resident of


received morphine a few nights ago to relieve the intense pain he suffered, since the medication was not working.

"When he trembles a lot and has a lot of pain,

the doctors fear that he could suffer a cerebral infarction,

because the body does not hold. That is why they gave him morphine," they have specified.

To date there are at least 10 people arrested for the brutal assault.

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