In light of the application of the best methodologies for early detection and speed of dealing with infected people and contacts

The UAE records the lowest number of cases of "Corona" in 240 days

The decline in the number of injuries reflects the ability of the health sector to curb the spread of "Corona".

Photography: Eric Arrasas

Official statistics issued by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority showed that the UAE recorded the lowest number of daily infections with the “Covid-19” virus, since the beginning of this year, with 990 cases recorded during the past hours.

Statistics published on the authority's website also showed a high rate of recorded recovery cases, reaching 97.5% of the total cases recorded since the emergence of the virus.

In detail, yesterday, the UAE recorded the lowest rate of infections with the emerging “Corona” virus since the past 240 days, while statistics showed that the total examinations for early detection of “Corona” amounted to 72 million and 525 thousand and 123 examinations, and the rate of positive results from the total examinations was 0.3%, While the rate of injuries was 7,193 per 100,000 people, compared to a recovery rate of 7,195 per 100,000 people, and a death rate of 20.5 cases per 100,000 people.

Doctors in the first line of defense, Dr. Muhammad Nashaat, Dr. Mai Al-Sayed, Dr. Fatima Abdullah, Dr. Muhammad Sami, Dr. Walid Ali, and Dr. Rubina Siraj, confirmed that the decrease in the number of infections in the country reflects the ability of the health sector and the concerned authorities to control the spread of the virus, in The application of the best methodologies for early detection of injuries, speed of response, and professional handling of the injured and contacts, and according to the latest international methods, stressing that the concerned authorities have been keen, since the beginning of the pandemic, to proactively activate the preparedness and preparedness plan, which included the rehabilitation of response and surveillance teams, to ensure sustainability. Infrastructure, and worked to build a statistical system through an accurate information network, in accordance with global systems, which is one of the most important factors for the success of systematic and scientific planning, developing professional solutions, and drawing workflow plans.

While the doctors attributed the Emirates governorate to its advanced position among the highest countries in the world in recovery rates, and the least countries in the world in deaths, to a number of reasons that reflect the proactive vision of the state, in applying the latest modern and innovative treatment methods, providing vaccines to all residents of the country for free, and expanding the scope of Proactive examinations and the establishment of specialized hospitals throughout the country to receive and treat “Covid-19” patients, in addition to the availability of cadres and medical supplies, and the strategic stock of medicine, which are among the main pillars of addressing the epidemic.

Doctors said that the UAE is at the forefront of countries in the world that conducted tests for the “Corona” virus, compared to the total population, and that the infection rate of the total tests is among the lowest regionally and globally, attributing this to the effectiveness of the measures taken, the application of the best and latest medical examination techniques, and follow-up Studies, treatments, available or announced vaccines around the world, providing the latest treatments for the safety of citizens and residents, and following specific protocols for treatment, and others for the care of intensive care patients.

They pointed out that the state has taken a set of precautionary and preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease, by establishing and rehabilitating hospitals and health care homes, conducting the necessary medical examinations for the largest number of the population, and giving about 17,792,856 doses of vaccine to the population of the state, in addition to providing the latest Treatments in the world, foremost of which is the drug “Sotrovimab”, which is considered the latest in the world to treat certain cases of people infected with the “Covid-19” virus, in addition to the early evaluation of infected cases and their contacts, which is an important and effective weapon in limiting the spread of the virus, and thus limiting complications disease and reduce mortality.

Artificial intelligence to trap the virus

Doctors in the first line of defense pointed out that the increase in the number of proactive examinations, the use of artificial intelligence in trapping the virus, predicting where it will spread, providing the latest treatments, and providing hospital beds to accommodate cases that need medical care, in addition to following simple cases of infection, a health program to strengthen immunity. To eliminate the virus, greatly contributed to the speed of recovery.

• The rate of injuries is 7,193 and the recovery rate is 7,195 per 100,000 people.

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