Xinhua News Agency, Hanoi, August 24 (Reporter Huang Shuo Jiang Shengxiong) Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Myung-chung said on the 24th that Vietnam attaches great importance to developing relations with China, which is a strategic choice and top priority for Vietnam's foreign policy.

  When meeting with the Chinese ambassador to Vietnam Xiong Bo at the Prime Minister’s Office on the same day, Fan Mingzheng said that the reforms and innovations of the two countries are currently at a critical stage. A healthy and stable development of Vietnam-China relations will play an important and decisive role in advancing the socialist cause of the two countries. Conducive to maintaining peace, stability and development in the region and even the world.

Vietnam is willing to work with China to implement high-level consensus, continue to strengthen high-level exchanges in a flexible way, and continuously consolidate political mutual trust.

  Fan Mingzheng expressed his gratitude to China for providing multiple batches of vaccine assistance to Vietnam in a timely manner under the severe and complex situation of the new crown epidemic in Vietnam.

He said that the current global epidemic is still spreading. The international community should strengthen solidarity and cooperation and join hands to fight the epidemic. This is the only correct choice to overcome the epidemic.

The Vietnamese side has always advocated scientific traceability and opposed the politicization of the epidemic and the traceability of the virus.

  Xiong Bo said that China and Vietnam have the same political systems, similar ideals and beliefs, and similar development paths. They are a community of shared destiny with strategic significance.

China is willing to work with Vietnam to adhere to high-level strategic guidance, not forget the traditional friendship between China and Vietnam, keep in mind the common ideals, beliefs and historical missions, and continue to give China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic cooperation a new era of connotation for the relationship between the two parties and the two countries. The development of socialism has injected new impetus into it.

  Xiong Bo said that strengthening anti-epidemic cooperation is the current priority of China-Vietnam relations.

China pays great attention to the situation of the epidemic in Vietnam, and is willing to provide assistance within its capacity to Vietnam in fighting the epidemic, and support enterprises of the two countries to strengthen cooperation on new crown vaccines, commercial procurement of therapeutic drugs, and cooperative production.