Relieving "mothers' anxiety" still needs more work

【News Investigation·Follow Students' Double Burden 4】

  Seeing the "double reduction" (reducing the burden of students in compulsory education and the burden of off-campus training) was released, Dou Jing, a parent of the Beijing student, immediately forwarded it to the circle of friends, with a heartfelt feeling: "Awesome! I really don’t want to go to the training class!"

  "These subject training courses are only suitable for children with special skills, because they are always uplifting. An ordinary baby like my family can complete the homework assigned by the school." The "double reduction" opinion made Dou Jing relieved.

  After-school training courses, whether to report or not to report?

This is a dilemma that has plagued parents for a long time before the "double reduction" opinion was introduced.

It's like making a choice at both ends of the balance, knowing the drawbacks of reporting to a class, but as the end of the "reporting" is getting heavier, "not reporting" has gradually become an alternative.

Regardless of "reporting" or "not reporting", anxiety continues to spread in the minds of parents.

This kind of anxiety is half jokingly called "mothers' anxiety". Behind it lies the parents' deep sense of helplessness and powerlessness.

But this time, the "double reduction" opinions were introduced, the "out-of-school training fever" ebbs, and the initiatives and efforts of the school and all walks of life quickly followed up. All of this has allowed everyone to see new opportunities and hopes.


Now it’s okay, my child and I are liberated

  Although her daughter Doudou was only in the third grade, Dou Jing enrolled her in three off-campus training courses in mathematics, Chinese, and English as soon as school started last semester.

  As the child grows older, this feeling of being "encumbered" feels like one step at a time.

  When her daughter was just in first grade, Dou Jing thought she could work at ease by sending her to elementary school.

Unexpectedly, this is just the beginning of "busier".

  Doudou was "exposed" in the first English test.

The teacher did not announce the results, but sent a notice in the parent group: There are 10 students with perfect scores. Parents of children with a score of 50 or less, please contact me individually.

Doudou is one of the students with a score below 50.

  Doudou is a "zero-based" enrollment and is a very small number in the whole class.

Later Doudou found out that her classmates were very busy.

After school, there is always a teacher holding the sign "XX Training Class" at the school gate to pick them up.

  After that, Dou Jing and her children shuttled in various training classes, rain or shine, and the rest day became the most unreliable day.

After the class is completed inside the school, it will be raised outside the school.

But the result of this is that the knowledge inside the school is too late to consolidate, and the improvement outside the school becomes "half-familiar."

  In that case, why can't you stop?

  "Seeing that everyone else is on, how can I fail to make it! If you fail, you won't be able to get a high score, it will affect your child's self-confidence." Dou Jing said.

  "Now it's okay, my child and I are liberated." After carefully trying to figure out the "double reduction" opinion, Dou Jing firmly believes that he and the child are the beneficiaries of the policy.


Brushing so many questions is hurting children's learning ability

  Like Dou Jing, the parents Liu Yi's first feeling for the introduction of the "double reduction" opinion is also "a sigh of relief," and anxiety has been relieved a lot.

  Although Liu Yi's child has just started elementary school, he is "young and mature". He will direct Liu Yi to enroll in classes and urge her to buy off-campus questions for a while.

  "Children often bring back news about classmates attending training classes and doing tutorial questions. Every time I look at her with a serious face, I feel funny and distressed." Liu Yi said.

  "Don't follow the trend to report unsuitable classes", this truth was realized by Beijing parent Li Yan after spending tens of thousands of yuan.

Starting from the "children's transition", her son has almost all opportunities to "go to work".

When she checked her homework, she found that the children who had just entered the second grade had already begun to learn the classic problems of "chicken and rabbit in the same cage" and "crossing the river" in Mathematical Olympiad.

  Li Yan found that children are always quick to do questions and the methods are simple. Sometimes they can be solved in just one step, and she doesn't even want to understand.

  "The chicken and the rabbit have two feet, and the other has four feet. Blow a whistle to make each raise one foot. If you blow two whistle, the chicken will stand without legs. The rest of the feet are rabbits." Tell her the truth.

  At first, Li Yan was very happy to see that his son would use the Mathematical Method to solve problems.

But she soon discovered that if the chicken and rabbit were replaced by the other two animals, her son would not be able to do it.

  "The problem of'crossing the river' is also the same. If there is a boatman in the question, he won't." Li Yan recalled, "At that time, the explanation given to me by the training class was: I did not do too many questions. They even asked me back, '1 +1'Why doesn't he forget? He also said that as long as he does more, he will naturally remember."

  However, the answer to the training class made her feel scared. She thought of the vastness of the "Sea of ​​Questions", and the children would float in it in the future, and felt that "there is mist in front of her, and she can't find an exit."

  Gradually, Li Yan began to pay attention to and opposed the "routine" learning of off-campus training institutions.

"This is not learning, but'practical craftsmanship.' What's the practical significance?"

  Too many facts have proved that excessive training, repetitive exercises, and mechanical brushing of questions not only violate basic education laws, but also are not conducive to the healthy growth of students' physical and mental health.

"Learning requires thinking, which is a process of continuous internalization of knowledge. Doing so many exercises and taking so many lessons to turn knowledge into'muscle memory' is an injury to children's learning ability." Li Yan said.


New hope rises in my heart, but it will take time to truly "rest at ease"

  After the "double reduction" policy was promulgated, various localities have formulated specific measures and taken concrete actions.

Parents have discovered that many wishes that previously "can only hope but dare not think" are gradually becoming reality.

  On August 17, Beijing held a press conference and formulated a detailed "plan" for the implementation of the "double reduction" policy for the new semester.

On the one hand, focus on "off-campus", no longer approve new subject training institutions for compulsory education students, review and register existing subject training institutions, and strictly control subject training time, standardize training service behaviors, and strengthen operations Activity supervision, capitalization operation is strictly prohibited, and the management of off-campus training advertisements is strengthened; on the one hand, the school is committed to "in-school", requiring schools to effectively reduce the burden of students' excessive homework, improve after-school service levels, and prepare to come up with real moves and practical strategies to reduce inter-school differences , Expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources.

  In addition, Henan Province concentrated on rectifying the unfair format clauses of off-campus training institutions and standardizing their business behavior; Taiyuan City suspended offline training activities of subject-based off-campus training institutions for primary and middle school students... Actively carried out throughout the country.

  Under such "sunshine", taking children to the park to play football, play games, and enjoy the beauty of the holiday has become the choice of many parents.

  However, more considerations still exist.

  Parent Li Yan said that he did not want to give up the extracurricular training classes altogether.

The child has special skills in English, and the school curriculum is "not enough to eat" for her.

As long as the child is willing, after the holiday, I still want her to continue to attend English training classes, "Go within the scope permitted by the policy and find a compliant training class. It does not take up too much time for the child as before, but also do something useful. Knowledge supplement".

  After hesitating again and again, the parent Zheng Yun also decided to keep the child in the training class.

Her child started to learn English and mathematics at the age of 3. He entered elementary school in September this year and is taking the "Xiaozao Training" exam.

"The child has already done a good foundation in the early stage, which is equivalent to the level of a third-grade student. It is a pity to give up now."

  The turmoil in the "chicken baby group" also discounted Dou Jing's joy.

  "The training classes are refunded, and you can enjoy a happy childhood." After Dou Jing sent these words in the group, a mother sent her a private message, persuading her to "long snacks": "As long as the college entrance examination is still there, there will always be a meeting in the future. Some went to Tsinghua University, some went to'Lan Xiang'.” Another mother said: “This group is still mainly for children attending training classes. If you don’t want to participate, you will automatically quit.”

  Although more parents are eagerly looking forward to it like Dou Jing, they have expressed their doubts in the group-their children stop writing questions. If others continue to do it, won't their children be left behind?

The off-campus training organization clearly did not allow remedial classes, but the parents received "one-on-one calls from famous teachers" and "private customized tutoring" text messages. Will the more intense "introduction" change from public to secret?

Without the "assistance" of training institutions, will the children of ordinary schools fall further and further away by the children of key schools?

  The "double reduction" opinion has come. Accompanied by the new hope that rises in my heart, the "mothers' anxiety" has not been completely eliminated for the time being.

  To put the "double reduction" opinions into practice, so that "moms" can really feel at ease, it requires the whole society to work harder.

(Our reporter Chen Peng and Yao Xiaodan)