Millions of Afghans could face starvation due to conflict, drought and the coronavirus pandemic, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program David Beasley said on Tuesday, and called on political leaders to act quickly.

Beasley told Reuters from Doha that "Afghanistan is in the wind due to years of drought, conflict and economic decline exacerbated by Corona," and stated that "the number of people standing on the brink of famine has now risen to 14 million."

Corona in Afghanistan

The World Health Organization said that most health facilities in Afghanistan are still functioning and accessible, but they suffer from an acute shortage of medical equipment and supplies. Just.

During a meeting to discuss the health situation in Afghanistan, the organization added that Corona tests fell by 77% last week.

In the same period, 12,000 injuries and 600 deaths were recorded.

The organization stated that some workers in the health sector did not return to their work, and that some sick women were afraid to leave their homes after the Taliban took control of the country.