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The good health prospects due to the advance of vaccination against Covid-19 may allow a greater presence of students in Spanish universities.

The Ministry led by Manuel Castells opens the door in its recommendations to the centers for the 2021-2022 academic year so that more students can enter per classroom, as long as the contagion rates continue to drop.

Last year, a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters was mandatory between students in classrooms.

For the next academic year, the main novelty is that this distance can be reduced to 1.2 meters if sanitary conditions improve.

That means many more students per class.

Something very relevant, because the increase in attendance will mean that there will be fewer rotations to be able to attend the centers and fewer students having to follow the classes electronically.

In its publication this Tuesday, in line with what it agreed in July with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Universities proposes starting the new course as the previous one ended: with the distance of 1.5 meters.

With levels 1 and 2

However, it is now willing that in the face of a "new normal" situation and "alert levels 1 and 2", the autonomous communities and university centers can "make this distance more flexible" down to 1.2 meters.

Those are the determining factors.

This implies that it may be applied unevenly in Spain throughout the new course, since it will depend on the "specific context" of each autonomous community and the levels of incidence of Covid.

The door open to more students in class invites us to think that the scenario being handled is optimistic.

Not in vain, it must be taken into account that the vaccination rate is advancing at a good pace and that precisely since this summer young people are being vaccinated.

In any case, we still have to wait for the students of the university age group to have received the two doses of the vaccine.

As for the rest of the prevention measures against the coronavirus in universities, what was already in force last year is maintained.

Students must wear the mask at all times in class and hand hygiene will be encouraged.

Strict measures

Likewise, the ventilation of the classrooms and the rest of the spaces, as well as the cleanliness of the center, will continue to be strict.

Just as people with symptoms, in isolation or quarantine are forced not to go to university centers.

Sources from the Ministry of Universities emphasize that the centers are already "prepared" for the new course and in any situation because they already have, in addition, the experience of last year.

Thus, "all scenarios are planned" and protocols "adapted" to the pandemic.

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