China News Service, August 24. According to Kyodo News Agency, the giant panda twins born at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, have been two months old on the 23rd.

He is currently in good health, with clear black and white colors, and weighs more than 2.6 kg.

The public call for names ends on the 20th, and preparations are being made for the naming development.

On June 23, local time, Tokyo, Japan announced that the female giant panda "Zhenzhen" in Ueno Zoo gave birth to two babies.

This is the first time a giant panda baby has been born in the park since June 2017.

  According to the garden, the measurement results on the 15th showed that the male weighed 2634 grams and had a body length of 43.5 cm.

The female weighs 2675 grams and has a body length of 44 cm.

Both cubs have grown up compared to the full moon, and their weight and body length have increased by more than 1.5 kg and 15 cm.

  The names collected from the official website of the park from 6 to 20 are currently being counted.

It is expected that a jury will be set up in the future, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will decide the name after discussion.

  When her sister "Xiang Xiang", who was born 4 years ago, publicly called for her name, she received 322,581 responses, which set a record for the highest number of panda names at that time.

The jury excluded other pandas and specific product names and locked the candidate names, and named them about 100 days after birth.