In terms of share, Ludvika municipality has the highest unemployment in Dalarna with 10.2 percent.

In terms of numbers, Borlänge is the municipality with the most unemployed.

2,298 people are looking for work in the municipality today, which corresponds to 9 percent. 

- The municipalities have a large proportion of foreign-born citizens.

Many of these lack basic and upper secondary education, which limits the opportunities to compete for jobs, explains Maria Andersson, unit manager at the Swedish Public Employment Service in Borlänge. 

Difficult for the elderly and foreign-born 

Many industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, but it is above all the hotel and restaurant industry, and those who work in culture, entertainment and leisure as well as rental, real estate services and travel services that have been very negatively affected.

Both by covid-19 but also by the restrictions introduced to reduce the spread of infection.

This is stated by the Swedish Tax Agency on its website. 

- At first, the young people and those who had just started their first jobs were affected.

We see that long-term unemployment is rising and that newly registered unemployed are declining, and here we have challenges with those who are older and those who were born abroad, says Maria Andersson, unit manager at the Public Employment Service in Borlänge.