But what happened in this house in the town of Mézeray, south-west of Le Mans?

An investigation was opened after the discovery of "remains probably human and potentially in the state of fetus", announced Tuesday the public prosecutor's office of Mans, confirming information of the channel BFM TV, which evokes the presence of three small bodies.

“On August 23, a forty-year-old man living in the town of Mézeray (Sarthe) requested the services of the Sarthe gendarmerie after having discovered hidden in an annex of the property which he had occupied for several years the remains of minus a decomposed body, ”said the prosecution in a press release.

Up to several years

"The rescue services identified probably human remains and potentially in the state of fetus without it being possible to determine their seniority, possibly prior to several years," the statement continued.

An investigation was entrusted to the gendarmerie company of La Flèche.

The technical examinations were carried out on the spot as well as the hearings of the occupants of the accommodation and their relatives.

The owner was tidying up

The scientific investigations and the autopsies that will be carried out during the day should make it possible to determine the age of the remains potentially in the state of fetuses at the time of their death as well as to identify their parents, specifies the prosecution.

No hypothesis is ruled out by the investigators.

According to BFM TV, which revealed the information, it was a man whose wife died suddenly of cancer this month who made the discovery while tidying up, forcing the lock on a cabinet located in a put away from his house.


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