It is known that the US CIA director went to Afghanistan and had a meeting with the Taliban leader while there was an opinion from the international community that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan should be extended. The Taliban have repeatedly put pressure on them to withdraw by the end of this month.

Correspondent Yunsu Kim from Washington.


US CIA Director Burns traveled to Afghanistan to meet with Taliban leader Baradar, US media reported.

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the U.S. and the top officials from both sides of the Taliban met.

At this meeting, it is highly likely that discussions were held regarding the deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. forces, which was set on the 31st.

However, at a press conference after the meeting, a Taliban spokesperson repeatedly stressed that there is no extension of the deadline.

[Mujahid/Taliban Spokesperson: I repeatedly urge all Americans to withdraw within the set time limit. The US military has airplanes, and they still control the airport.]

US government officials also said that the existing evacuation plan remains unchanged.

The Pentagon said the pace of evacuation was accelerating and said it could evacuate up to 100,000 more people by the end of the week.

[Kirby/DoD Spokesperson: There is no change in the deadline for the Afghan evacuation operation to be completed by the end of this month.]

G7 leaders urged the Taliban to ensure safe evacuation routes even after the evacuation deadline.