Power and money trading under the guise of brotherhood

Analysis of the Serious Violation of Discipline and Acts by Addo, the former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Sichuan Coal Group

  Our reporter Cheng Wei

  Addo, male, born in January 1962, joined the Communist Party of China in May 1982, and started work in July 1984.

Former deputy secretary and county head of Sichuan Derong County Party Committee, secretary of Xiangcheng County Party Committee, deputy governor of Ganzi Prefecture, director and deputy general manager of Sichuan Coal Group, party committee member, director and deputy general manager of Sichuan Coal Group, deputy secretary of Party Committee of Sichuan Coal Group, Director, in November 2019, was removed from the positions of Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Sichuan Coal Group.

  On September 28, 2019, with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection opened a case for investigation and investigation of Ado’s suspected serious violations of discipline and law, and took measures to detain him on October 8.

  In April 2020, after studying at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and submitting it to the Provincial Party Committee for approval, it was decided to expel Addo from the party and from public office; collect his disciplinary and illegal gains; and transfer his suspected crimes to the procuratorial organ for review and prosecution in accordance with the law.

  In June 2020, under the jurisdiction of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate, the Nanchong City People’s Procuratorate filed a public prosecution with the Nanchong City Intermediate People’s Court for Ado’s suspected bribery.

  On December 30, 2020, the Nanchong Intermediate People's Court convicted Ado of accepting bribes in the first instance and sentenced him to eleven years and six months in prison and a fine of one million yuan. The illegal gains were confiscated according to law and turned over to the state treasury.

  During the detention period, Addo often recalled the scene of his return home after he was promoted to the deputy governor of Ganzi Prefecture in 2004.

  "One day in 2004, when I came home, my old mother was waiting for me while watching the news. As soon as I sat down, she said to me, you do not belong to yourself, but to the organization and the family. Don’t just think about yourself in anything, don’t eat what you shouldn’t eat, don’t take what you shouldn’t. I also secretly made up my mind to never make financial mistakes."

  However, for his mother’s indoctrination, Ado failed to do so, “I feel ashamed and ashamed when I think of this thing now.” On October 8, 2019, Ado was kept in custody, “From this day on, I am disloyal. A man of filial piety, I was determined to follow the party, but failed to end well; when I was able to serve my old mother, I was behind bars.” In the verdict, the prosecutors accused Addo of the ten facts of accepting bribes, nine of which occurred after 2004. 97.9% of the total bribes received.

  In the initial period of detention, fluke, fear of crime, pessimism and other emotions were intertwined, and Ado took a "cold treatment" approach to counter the investigation and investigation.

Under the ideological and political work carried out by the task force, Ado gradually repented and completely opened his heart to the organization.

  "Every mistake is born by myself. I have come to this step and the root cause lies in myself." As a leading cadre of a party member, Ado joined the work in 1984 and was elected deputy governor of Ganzi Prefecture in 2004 and was promoted to deputy department level. , And then under review and investigation in 2019, the lesson is very painful.

How has Ado's heart changed?

Faced with hunting, what characteristics of his personality caused him to fall into a trap step by step?

In the struggle between encircling hunting and anti-encircling hunting, Ado was finally defeated. What was the root cause?

Investigating this case, many lessons are worthy of vigilance.

Inner mind is out of balance, three kinds of psychology cause his beliefs to be shaken and his thoughts to decline

  In 1962, Addo was born in a family of officials.

His father entered Tibet with the army at the age of 25. He has made many contributions in the democratic reforms and counter-insurgency struggles. Later, he voluntarily returned to his hometown and made contributions to Tibet's peaceful liberation and hometown construction.

Since childhood, his parents taught him to be grateful to the party and to be clean and responsible.

  Affected by his father, Ado has determined to follow the party since he was young and learn his skills to build his hometown.

In 1980, Ado was admitted to the university as he wished, and was the only undergraduate in the county that year.

As soon as he entered the school, Ado wrote a letter of application for joining the party, and soon joined the party organization.

When he graduated, Ado wrote an application specifically, asking to go to Tibet to work and go to the place where the motherland needed it most.

Later, Ado was assigned to work in the Economic Research Institute of Ganzi Prefecture, and gradually grew from deputy chief and chief to deputy head of the county, head of the county, secretary of the county party committee, and deputy governor. From an ordinary young cadre, he became a leader step by step. post.

  However, it was also just a few things that happened during this period that made Addo's heart gradually change, which became his thinking "turning point" of losing his faith and turning from right to wrong.

  Seeing that his wife and children live frugally, they have a mentality of indebtedness.

In 1996, Addo and his wife discussed sending one son and one daughter to Chengdu to study in order to receive a better education.

After buying a house in Chengdu, the couple is already stretched out. In order to save money, Ado’s wife bought decoration materials and even a nail.

In order to save the travel expenses from the residence to the new house, Addo’s wife carries her son four times a day and walks more than 20 kilometers.

Ado believes that it was his incompetence that made his family like this, and he owed them a lot.

  In the face of gray income, there is an unbalanced psychology.

From September 2000 to April of the following year, Addo went to a department of the provincial government as deputy director.

During the Spring Festival, Ado received some red envelopes, totaling more than 8,000 yuan, which is equivalent to one year's salary in remote mountainous areas such as Derong.

"At that time, my heart was very unbalanced. After working for a year, my income was not as good as the red envelopes that the office received during the Chinese New Year."

  Consciously be at a loss in official career and have the mentality of making a profit before retirement.

After being promoted to deputy department level in 2004, Ado has not been able to go further.

"When I was a state-level leader, some of my subordinates were still at the county level, and later were promoted to the department level. The ninth government team in Ganzi Prefecture was department-level cadres except me, and my heart was very unbalanced." As he grew, Ado gradually felt confused about his official career and developed the idea of ​​"boat to dock, car to station", so he wanted to make more money and surpass others materially, so as to make his later life more prosperous and satisfy his vanity.

  The vacillation of ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous vacillation, and the landslide of ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous landslide.

With the promotion of his position, the influence of the environment, and the change of mentality, Ado gradually lost his revolutionary ideals, forgot his status as a party member, and forgot his clean and responsible teachings. The "three outlooks" were distorted, and his thinking began to slip and change. The heart is bound by things, lost in the face of power and money, and has since embarked on a path of no return.

Talk about the loyalty of the arena, immerse in the "brother" feelings and do not know the dangers

  "He often plays mahjong, has a rough personality, is loyal, likes luxury cars, and is conceited." In an interview, several case handlers talked about Addo's character.

"The brand depends on the character." According to a case handler, Ado's upright character is clearly reflected on the mahjong table.

After 2005, Addo became obsessed with playing mahjong. He has a card game every day after get off work, and even all night on weekends. When playing cards with a businessman boss or his subordinates, he is not allowed to let others pass him. , Ten beats nine loses.

  Ado's loyalty and straightforward character also left a gap for himself to be hunted.

According to the case handling personnel, Addo's bribes were not too many, with a total of ten, and of the 14.54 million yuan in bribes he received, more than half came from Chen Mougen, Chen Mouliang and Zheng Mouguo.

The reason why Ado accepts these three as "brothers" is because they walked into Ado's heart through storytelling.

  In order to get close to Addo, Chen tried his best to recommend him through a friend of Addo.

At a party, he told a story, and Ado still remembers it.

"In the 1980s, he went to Tibet to start his own business. On his way to Tibet via Tanggula Mountain in Qinghai, he was dying due to a severe high reaction and a cold. A family who drove by rescued him and cared for him all the way. When Lhasa got off the car, because of language barrier, I only knew that he was from Ganzi Prefecture. Now that I have achieved a little career, I want to come to Ganzi Prefecture to find a benefactor for the first time.” This story moved Ado deeply. He thinks Chen Mougen is very affectionate. A righteous person, and looks rather simple and honest, so he valued him very much and regarded him as a real brother.

  For Addo, Chen Mougen is very concerned.

Knowing that Ado likes to play mahjong, he sent gambling money in time; when Ado bought a house in Chengdu, he took the initiative to swipe his card; Ado liked cars, and he admired Chen's car at a party in 2007, and Chen then paid 1.38 million Yu Yuan bought an off-road vehicle for his price... "Sometimes I like to make some comments when I see something, and he keeps it in mind. Later, I really dare not speak in front of him, for fear that he will cause misunderstandings. "Ado recalled, "For any of my needs, he tried every means to cater to it." During the period, Chen asked Toado to adjust the nature reserve and the Baiyu County Chapter for the Changdier Gold Mine in Jiulong County, which belongs to his company. The Du Gold Mine entered the site to provide assistance in prospecting and other aspects, and A Duojun used his power to successfully operate it.

Until he accepted the lien, Ado did not realize that their behavior was an improper economic exchange.

  During the detention period, Ado gradually woke up, "I doubt the authenticity of his story. It is possible to fabricate the story because he knows my character. Once he feels that this person is worth paying, he will give it with all his heart. Why did he send so much money to me Is it really because of our feelings? Think calmly, the answer is no, he was hunting me from the beginning." At this time, Ado realized that the long-term psychological suggestion made him too poisoned and he used his brother Affection blinds the mind, not aware of, and unwilling to admit that he has violated discipline and law.

  In 2010, Addo met Chen Mouliang. He actively helped many things in Chengdu and Tibet, and he was regarded as a brother by Addo.

In 2013, Addo went to Sichuan Coal Group in charge of material procurement. He met Zheng and his uncle during a dinner. During the dinner, he was moved by his uncle’s story of exploring mines in the deep mountains and old forests. Since then, he has been in frequent contacts.

  Since working, Ado has not had many contacts with businessmen, but those who are recognized as brothers and friends have had improper economic exchanges. He still believes that it is a courtesy exchange and there is no problem.

For things and things, Ado relies entirely on his own subjective judgments, and never considers the party spirit, party discipline and national laws, "I think what is right is right, and what I think is wrong is wrong."

When the hunter was waiting for him, Ado was still immersed in the affection that seemed like a brother, and kept himself in the dark.

"Actually, every penny given to me by these businessmen is calculated in return. They are for the power in my hands, and they want to use the power in my hands for greater benefits." Ado finally woke up.

Deceive yourself and others, paralyze yourself and conceal greed in a "legal" form

  Before being detained, Addo thought he had done a good job, "There are violations of discipline, but he did not expect to violate the law at all."

In his opinion, a lot of property can be collected in a single "packaging", and he thinks that there is no problem.

  "To be honest, I realized that I was so greedy after being detained, and I wanted to evade punishment and collect money. I did a lot of deceit and stealing things. It's ridiculous to think of it." Addo used "borrowing" or "Brotherhood" is used as an excuse to receive benefits and paralyze oneself, and it is precisely the greed in the heart that is concealed.

  Officials and businessmen "cross-border", and officials also make money.

In 2005, Addo and a businessman friend opened a karaoke bar in Kangding.

At that time, as the deputy governor of Ganzi Prefecture, Addo often ignored his status and became a "salesman" for the karaoke club. He greeted all the departments he was in charge of. When others invited him to the karaoke club, he refused.

In addition, Addo also obtains benefits by lending to others to collect interest, and investing in shares in the company in the name of others.

During the review and investigation, Addo took the initiative to hand in the property and loan proceeds received in violation of the regulations totaling 12.6 million yuan.

  In the name of borrowing, put on a "legal" cloak to collect money.

Merchant Jiang Moumin operates minerals in Ganzi Prefecture. When he encounters problems, he asks Addo for help. Addo regards him as a friend and often helps.

One day in 2010, in order to thank Ado for his care, Jiang Moumin offered to "borrow money" 800,000 yuan to Ado for stocks.

Ado understood, "In fact, it was given to me. I was greedy and couldn't refuse it at all, so I accepted it."

One day in 2014, Zheng Moguo brought two boxes of tea to Addo's office. After a few conversations, Zheng Moguo put the tea on the sofa and left, and specifically said to put the tea away.

Feeling strange, Ado immediately opened the tea box and found that it was full of money.

It was difficult for Addo to accept such a naked gift of money, so he called Zheng back to take the money away.

Behind the dismantling of tea and refusal to bribe, is Ado not greedy for money?


Soon afterwards, the two met again. Zheng Moguo learned that Ado wanted to buy a certain wealth management product. In order to get Ado's help in selling equipment, he expressed his willingness to lend Ado 2 million yuan.

"I know what he meant. He just gave me two million, and I really want to collect it." For this reason, Addo also specifically asked Zheng to send the money to his friend Tian. Whatever happened, it was also the money Tian borrowed." In order to conceal his greed, Ado needs some reasons that he thinks he is smart, a form of hiding his ears, and a seemingly "legal" coat.

  Calling brothers and sisters, accepting bribes turns into "communication of courtesy and Shang".

Addo regards Chen Mougen as a brother. In 2012, Chen Mougen had a conflict with others in Derong County and was beaten to death. Addo took him to Chengdu at his own expense and asked an expert to operate on him and rescue him. .

"I saved his life. Don't we give each other a gift?" But in fact, in addition to this emotional account, Ado also has a money account in his heart.

Ado provided assistance to Chen Mougen in gold mine adjustment and gold mine prospecting. During this period, he received more than 3 million yuan in benefits from Chen Mougen 10 times. "I thought at the time that he would not be able to enter the venue without my help, and All of them are earning hundreds of millions of dollars, so I just collect a little bit, as it should be."

  In 2018, the organization discovered that Addo received 800,000 yuan from Jiang Moumin. He did not choose to take the initiative to explain the problem to the organization. Instead, he discussed with Jiang Moumin and Chen Mougen and dealt with the organization.

In August 2019, after Chen Mougen was detained, Addo became more unable to sit still, but he still had a fluke.

"There will be no problem with him. We are like brothers. I saved his life. I have confidence in him." On October 8, 2019, the day he was detained, Addo fell into deep self-blame and Regret, "I regret that I did something wrong, I didn't wake up in time, I didn't return to the embrace of the organization in time, I didn't go to see the old mother to give her an explanation, in short, I regret what I thought, and I felt like a knife."

  Lesson learned.

From an aspiring young man to a deputy department-level leading cadre, as time went by and his position was promoted, Ado gradually developed three kinds of psychology of owing to his family, income imbalance, and making a profit before retirement, which led to his ideological decline. And then produce the most serious "lesions".

Shaken their convictions, deviated from the party spirit, and lost their purpose. Faced with hunting, they were difficult to distinguish, and they were eventually captured.

The case also warned the majority of party members and cadres to "be based on the principle of life", "the root" is in the hearts of the people, the heart is purified, and the ambition is high, and the strength is infinite. Proud and impatient, not depressed and swayed in times of difficulty and adversity, and always maintain the political qualities of a communist.