• Hurricane in New York, "Homecoming" concert evacuated

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August 22, 2021 The northeastern coast of the United States is in a state of emergency due to the passage of Hurricane 'Henri', which brings rain and winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. "It will be a 26-hour event," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, announcing a state of emergency and the deployment of 500 National Guard troops to cope with his passage. 

The storm is expected to hit Long Island around noon (8pm in Italy). Power outages and "significant floods" are expected in some suburbs of the Big Apple. Henri is expected to bring three to six inches of rain (7.5 to 15

centimeters) across the region, with maximum totals close to 10 inches.

If Henri keeps his current course and maintains strength, it would be the first hurricane to hit New England directly in 30 years. The latest was Hurricane Bob, which killed at least 17 people in 1991. Thousands of people have already been evacuated to Connecticut, Rhode Island and parts of New Jersey. 

Floods caused by heavy rains and winds that destroyed hundreds of homes have killed at least eight people in the state of Tennessee, and 30 are missing. The worst affected area is less than 100 kilometers west of Nashville.