The Bundeswehr has brought two helicopters to the Afghan capital Kabul for people to fly. “The two Airbus H145M helicopters that were loaded yesterday in Wunstorf have arrived in Kabul,” wrote the Bundeswehr on Saturday morning on Twitter. With their help, endangered people are to be brought to safety who cannot make it to the airport on their own because of the dangerous and confusing situation. According to the Ministry of Defense, the machines can be used to rescue individual German citizens or local workers from dangerous situations.

The two machines of the type H-145M are assigned to special forces and were requested by the USA.

The American troops mainly flew with large-volume helicopters and needed a smaller machine in urban areas, said Inspector General Eberhard Zorn on Friday in Berlin.

In use, the Bundeswehr machines should always be accompanied by American helicopters from the USA.

In the background there is also an "airborne intervention reserve" from the American side.

"No taxi service"

Zorn said, “This is a real air operation.

This is not a taxi service ”.

The helicopters are very agile and can land even in densely built-up cities.

So far, the Bundeswehr has only been deployed within Kabul Airport, which is secured by American troops.

The situation around the airport has been chaotic since the militant Islamist Taliban came to power.

Thousands of Afghans and foreign nationals are hoping for an opportunity to get to safety on western flights.

The situation is extremely dangerous.

Local helpers from German organizations also report congested and in some cases impassable streets where the Taliban have set up checkpoints.

Overall, according to the Ministry of Defense, the Bundeswehr brought almost 1,900 people at risk to safety by early Saturday morning.

The time pressure is growing because the United States actually wants to have the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan completed by August 31.

However, the evacuations of other armed forces such as the German armed forces depend on the protection provided by the currently 5,200 US soldiers.