The highest growth in demand for robotic household appliances was recorded in Moscow



It is noted that in July 2021, residents of the capital most often bought robotic vacuum cleaners and robotic window cleaners.

In St. Petersburg, sales of the smart home system have doubled.

In Moscow, this system also began to be bought more often


by 25%).

The top products in Russia also include robotic window cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart sockets, temperature sensors, smart IR remote controls, barrier controllers, remote control switches, and robotic lawn mowers.

The head of the company's press service, Sergei Denisenko, noted that in connection with the remoteness, many had to face the need to keep the house clean during the work process.

Robotic technology in this regard helps to save time.

“Everyone understands that the remote now will stay with us for a long time ... Therefore, robots come to help in solving everyday issues, which can maintain cleanliness in the house, turn on and off equipment if necessary, and do other things that free a person from such worries.

This was one of the reasons for the growth in demand for smart home products this year.

Also, one should not exclude the fact that the availability and cheapening of technologies makes it possible to use them for a wider circle of people.

This tendency will continue - people will free up their time for work, creativity, rest and shift household duties onto robots, ”Denisenko noted.

Earlier, retailers talked about the growth in sales of push-button phones in the Russian market in the first half of 2021.

Experts in the retail sector explain that push-button phones are being replaced by many stationary devices that have been transferred to Russians remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.