China News Agency, Beijing, August 20th. Comprehensive news: In the past month, extreme weather such as heavy rainfall and the floods caused by it have caused a large number of casualties and property losses in many countries.

  The Sudan National Civil Defense Commission reported on the 19th that the recent heavy rains and floods in the country have caused 43 people to die, more than 2,800 houses have completely collapsed, and more than 8,600 houses have partially collapsed.

According to statistics from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, about 12,000 people in 8 states have been affected by the torrential rains and floods.

  On the 17th local time, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency stated that the Black Sea coast in the northern part of the country was affected by the recent torrential rains. 78 people have been killed and 47 people are unaccounted for.

At present, more than 8,000 disaster relief personnel are still carrying out relief work in the three most severely affected provinces, and a total of more than 2,000 people have been evacuated from the disaster area.

  According to local media reports, investigations into the collapse of residential buildings during the floods have begun, and a construction contractor has been arrested.

  In early August, several days of heavy rains triggered floods in the West Bengal state of eastern India. As of the 6th, 23 people had been killed and about 300,000 people had been evacuated.

  On July 26, the Costa Rican Red Cross stated that floods caused by heavy rains in the northern and eastern Caribbean coasts of the country have continued to flood for 4 days. As of that day, 2 people had been killed and 2 people were missing.

Houses and farmland in the affected areas were submerged, and infrastructure such as roads and bridges were severely damaged.

More than 3,200 people affected by the disaster have been transferred to 57 emergency shelters set up by the government.

  In July, several days of heavy rains in central and western Europe caused floods. Many areas in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands were hit, causing hundreds of deaths or missing, power outages in a large number of areas, and damage to infrastructure.

As of July 18, floods in the area have killed at least 187 people, including 156 in Germany and 31 in Belgium.

  Meteorologists believe that extreme weather such as high temperatures, droughts, wildfires, heavy rains, and floods that have occurred around the world this year are related to climate change.

In addition, improper construction and river changes in some areas have aggravated its losses in floods.