"Space travel" everything goes well

  ——Netizens discuss the space life of the astronauts on Shenzhou 12

  Our reporter Chen Zhenkai

  As of August 17, the Shenzhou 12 astronaut crew had been working and living in orbit for two months.

The space journey of the three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo attracted the attention of countless netizens.

As of 0:00 on August 19, the Weibo topic "Shenzhou 12" has 101,000 discussions and 610 million views.

Another topic "The trio on a space business trip was in orbit for 60 days", with 79.698 million readings.

There were also 33.769 million readings on the topic of "Shenzhou 12 flight crew three astronauts".

It is conceivable how much attention the three of them have received on this "business trip".

  Inside and outside the cabin

  On the morning of June 17, a message went viral on the Internet——

  At 9:22, the Long March 2 F Yao 12 carrier rocket was ignited and launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. About 573 seconds later, the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft was successfully separated from the rocket, and the launch was a complete success.

At 18:48, the astronauts entered the Tianhe core capsule successively, marking the first time that the Chinese entered their own space station.

  What have the astronauts done in the past two months?

According to the Weibo account "CCTV News", during the work and life of the Shenzhou 12 astronaut crew, the astronaut crew successfully completed the transfer of cargo spacecraft materials, the management of the Tianhe core module assembly, and the operation of the large robotic arm. ; Carried out the first out-of-vehicle activities and out-of-vehicle operation tests, as well as multi-field space science experiments and technical tests, etc., and achieved the phased work goals.

  How about the first time out of the cabin?

According to the China Manned Space Network, at 8:11 on July 4, astronaut Liu Boming successfully opened the exit door of the core module of Tianhe.

As of 11:02, astronauts Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo have successfully exited the core module of Tianhe and completed a number of tasks.

During the period, Nie Haisheng in the cabin cooperated and supported two astronauts out of the cabin to carry out extravehicular operations.

At 14:57, after about 7 hours of exiting activities, the astronaut crew successfully completed all the scheduled missions during the exiting activities.

  The Weibo account "Voice of China" stated that this is the second space outing activity carried out by Chinese astronauts after the Shenzhou-7 manned mission in 2008, and it is also the first space outing activity of Chinese astronauts during the space station stage.

  Between heaven and earth

  The three astronauts interact with the ground from time to time.

  According to the Weibo account "Xinhua News Agency", Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the State Council, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission came to the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center on the morning of June 23. The Shenzhou 12 astronaut Nie Haisheng who was also on mission in the core module of Tianhe , Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo talked cordially.

  During the call, Xi Jinping asked them with concern, “Your work and life in space always affect the hearts of the people across the country. How are your health and life now? Is your work going well?” The three astronauts answered separately.

They said, "We are in the distant space. We are proud and proud of the great party and the motherland." "Food, living and work are in good condition, and we can also make video calls with family members. Our space home is very warm and comfortable." "Please rest assured, the General Secretary, and the people of the whole country!" Many netizens said, "This dialogue between heaven and earth is heartwarming and inspiring!"

  On August 8, a video sent by three astronauts from space about the afterthoughts of the Olympics attracted a large number of netizens' attention and reposts on social media platforms.

In the video, the astronaut said that watching the Olympics has added a lot of fun to their space life.

Everyone has to work hard in their posts to write a more exciting life.

A few hours later, Chinese track and field athletes Su Bingtian, Gong Lijiao, and many other members of the Chinese sports delegation for the Tokyo Olympics also "proclaimed" the three space heroes through video: I hope the astronauts can triumph safely as soon as possible!

  "The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver are reunited in Tianhe. We send blessings to everyone in the'Tianhe' capsule!" On the Qixi Festival, the three astronauts also sent blessings from space.

  Life details

  What are the details of life in space?

  The Weibo account "CGTN Reporters Group" counted the "famous scenes" of astronauts living in space.

Such as tidying up housekeeping, installing wireless network, exercising, working hard, "flying over the wall", sleeping, etc. in a suspended state.

Other details such as "Space Tea Drinking" that other media have paid attention to have also opened their eyes to netizens...

  According to many online media, the crew of astronauts will conduct blood sampling, laboratory tests, and ultrasound routine medical examinations during orbit.

For example, the process of collecting blood from space is roughly the same as that on the ground.

Fundus examination is also very important and should be performed in a dark room.

In the picture reproduced by the Weibo account "Learning to be a Powerful Country", after Nie Haisheng dimmed the lights, Tang Hongbo performed a fundus examination for Liu Boming.

The bone density test is like a "space foot bath."

  On August 18th, the China Manned Space Engineering Office released a video showing the astronauts in the core module unlocking the "refrigerator" and preparatory work before use.

The medical sample refrigerator in the core compartment will provide low temperature protection for biological samples and experimental reagents, and is also known as a "space refrigerator."

  According to information from the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Shenzhou 12 astronaut crew will select an opportunity to perform the second out of the capsule.

The Weibo account "Nanfang Daily" said: "Unconsciously, it has been two months since the space business trip. Guess what will be done this time out of the cabin?"

  "See you on Earth in September." Many netizens left messages like this.