In Kabul, as in other big cities of Afghanistan, for several days the fear is present again.

With the rise of the Taliban to power, twenty-year-old demons have resurfaced.

In order not to relive what they experienced from 1996 to 2001, during the reign of the Taliban, or never to have to know it, many Afghans try to flee.

According to Margaux Benn, freelance journalist and correspondent for several media in Afghanistan, these scenes of chaos at Kabul airport can be explained by a feeling of fear but also the surprise of the inhabitants of large cities.

“When the Taliban arrived, they arrived without violence, but they arrived en masse and without any opposition from the military.

The inhabitants of Kabul did not expect their city, their capital, to be taken so quickly, ”explains the journalist.


In the twenty years since the Taliban were ousted from power, a large part of the inhabitants of the capital have regained freedoms and rights which displease the extremist group.

"There are a lot of people in this city who are targeted, threatened by the Taliban, who have already been victims of assassination attempts, or who simply know very well that their way of life, their way of thinking does not match. to the Taliban society project, ”continues Margaux Benn.

The threat of a Taliban government is not the only concern, according to the correspondent who multiplies the trips to Afghanistan.

“Many militias and armed groups are ready to take up arms against the Taliban government.

So what there is to fear is that the situation escalates and that there is a great destabilization of Afghan society.



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