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The spectacular Intempo building in Benidorm, which will become the tallest residential building in Europe,

has already sold half of the 256 homes

, including the two most expensive apartments, for two million euros.

These two apartments are in the central part of the building, in the so-called Diamante, and

as of September the delivery of the keys is scheduled

, pending receipt of the first occupancy license.

Jorge Romagosa, product manager at Unio Residencial, has shown the building to the EFE agency and explained that the buyers are so far of

Spanish nationality and investors

, "with the aim of obtaining an economic benefit through the profitability of the rental" .

Intempo is

204.5 meters high divided into 49 floors

, where there are different common spaces, including a gym, cafeteria, restaurant, terraces and swimming pools, all of them with impressive views of the sea and the mountains.

The tallest residential building

in Europe

is now completely finished and opens its doors to anyone interested in buying one of these luxurious apartments.

Currently "there are about

20 visits a day

, although it has reached more than 30, and depending on what they are interested in, they can last up to two hours," said Romagosa.

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