As the Taliban seize power in Afghanistan, civilian demonstrations against the Taliban's rule are taking place in eastern states and elsewhere.

The Taliban, on the other hand, are moving to tighten control to curb the spread of demonstrations, such as ordering a ban on going out in some state capitals.

In Jalalabad in the east, where it was reported that the Taliban fired and injured in a public demonstration on the 18th, about 500 people gathered on the 19th and marched in the center of the city.

The 19th marks the "Independence Day" when Afghanistan regained diplomatic rights from Britain more than 100 years ago, and demonstrators raised the Afghanistan flag and said, "The flag will never change even if the administration changes. The flag of Afghanistan will not be accepted even if it is cut off, "he opposed the rule of Afghanistan.

A local journalist living in an eastern host also told NHK on the 18th that the Taliban had ordered citizens to ban going out after a demonstration in the city center.

A journalist said, "The town is now closed and everyone is at home with a stay-at-home order. The Taliban are explaining that they are demonstrating to find out who has caused the turmoil and turmoil."

Reuters also reported that civilian demonstrations took place in Asadabad in the east, causing multiple deaths, including shootings by Taliban fighters.

In addition, men who are believed to be Taliban fighters are seen threatening to disperse the people who were marching with banners with national flags in the capital Kabul, and the Taliban spread and collapsed. There is a move to strengthen control in an attempt to curb actions that support the Taliban.