Presidential in France: Valérie Pécresse presents herself as a unifier in Brittany

Valérie Pécresse has been crisscrossing France since the announcement of her presidential candidacy in mid-July and is currently traveling to Brittany.

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She has been crisscrossing France since the announcement of her presidential candidacy in mid-July: Valérie Pécresse is in Brittany this week.

A distance competition with the other right-wing candidate, Xavier Bertrand, who is currently in the lead.


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With our special


in Saint-Pol-de-Léon


Anne Soetemondt

Above all, do not trust his relaxed air, for a month,

Valérie Pécresse

hammers one and the same message: Yes Xavier Bertrand left earlier, but no he will not be alone.

Primary or not primary.


hen I am a presidential candidate, there may be a tie-breaker, but I am a presidential candidate

 ," recalls Valérie Pécresse.

Hang on so as not to be left behind by

Xavier Bertrand

, but after two five-year terms without a right in power, Valérie Pécresse warns that in the end, there will be room for only one candidate.

Pécresse refuses to attack Xavier Bertrand head-on


At some point if the right wants to win, and I want to win, they have to come together.

And so we have to play the game of the collective approach and this collective approach is a process of bringing together, 

”said the candidate.

Valérie Pécresse therefore presents herself as the unifier and refuses to attack the opponent head-on: “

There is no opponent in my political family. 


The message hit home with the hundred or so right-wing supporters gathered a few hours later.


When you are divided, you have no chance of reigning.

This is the unit that is strength



says a supporter


If they still multiply the candidatures, they will lose the elections once again, so it will not be necessary for it to start again 

", explains another right-wing supporter.

Candidate of the rally, Valérie Pécresse appears this Thursday, August 19 with Senator Alain Cadec, a close friend of Xavier Bertrand.

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