Europe 1 with 8:47 p.m., August 19, 2021

A few hours after its installation, the wristband device serving as a health pass to facilitate entry into bars and restaurants in Gironde was suspended.

The contours of the operation must indeed be clarified.

The device of a bracelet serving as a health pass to facilitate entry into bars and restaurants in Gironde, was "suspended" this Thursday in order to "clarify the contours of the operation", announced the UMIH-33 . The operation which had started Wednesday, "is suspended", indicated Laurent Tournier, president of the Union of trades and industry of the departmental hotel trade.

"I want this operation to be calm. However, it was misinterpreted in the comments" after press articles, Tournier said.

"The bracelet does not replace the health pass. The bracelet is a visible support for the health pass", he stressed, "it is an additional means for our regular customers, already checked several times, to either identified more clearly. But that does not exempt our customers from having the health pass, "he insisted.

"Wait for the spirits to calm down"

The device was presented to the press on Wednesday. The principle was that a client, probably a regular at the establishment, volunteered to present the operator with proof of his complete vaccination schedule as well as his identity. "Today, things are racing, there are controversies. We will wait for the spirits to calm down. I want to provide solutions, not problems," repeated Laurent Tournier, indicating that his decision had been taken "in agreement with the authorities of Gironde ".

The prefecture had let it be known on Wednesday that the police "would continue to control the pass and not the bracelet. We will judge: if it works, so much the better, if it does not work, we stop everything. We have the control", had specified, to About this device, Martin Guespereau, delegated prefect for defense and security.