CGTN Exclusive Interview with Taliban Spokesperson丨Afghan Women Can Normally Participate in Social Life

  On August 19th, Tian Wei, host of CGTN of China Central Radio and Television, had an exclusive interview with Taliban spokesperson Suhaier Shaheen.

When talking about the protection of women's rights and whether to enjoy freedom, Shaheen said that women currently enjoy freedom in areas controlled by the Taliban and can participate in social life normally.

  Shahin said that reporters are reporting on this country, teachers are working, doctors are working, students are studying, and universities are functioning normally.

All of the above happens in the area under our control.

These are facts and there should be no worries.

  When talking about whether women can play a greater role in society, Shahin said that they can participate in social life.

Afghan women can decide the style of headscarf they wear based on their work, and they have their own choices.