Regarding the cancellation of the state of emergency, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato will comprehensively judge the progress of vaccination and the status of strengthening the medical care provision system, and will use it as an index to evaluate the infection status. He expressed his intention to consider the review based on the discussions of experts.

On the 17th, the government decided to expand the area covered by the state of emergency as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, and Prime Minister Suga explained that securing a medical care provision system would be a prerequisite for canceling the declaration.

In connection with this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said at a press conference about the cancellation of the declaration, "How vaccination will proceed, how the medical care provision system will be strengthened, the number of severely ill people and bed utilization rate, etc. We will make a comprehensive judgment of what the situation is like. "

After that, he was asked if he would review the index for evaluating the infection status, but he explained, "I'm not trying to make a concrete change, but I'd like to ask an expert to discuss it first."

In addition, while reporters asked, "Will the indicators be reviewed by the 12th of next month, which is the deadline for declaration?", Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, "By when and what kind of conclusions can be drawn will change from moment to moment. Mr. Omi, the chairman of the subcommittee, also said, "I will organize my thinking as a subcommittee and an expert," and based on that, I would like to consider it as a government. "