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news from the political world. In Power of the People, another conflict arose between former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol and CEO Lee Jun-seok, and in the Democratic Party, two runners Jae-myung Lee and Nak-yeon Lee visited Honam side by side.

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Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol and CEO Lee Jun-seok had a phone call on the 12th.

It was immediately after the controversy within the party grew due to the impeachment remarks aimed at Lee by former lawmaker Shin Ji-ho on the side of Yoon's side.

However, suspicions have been raised that the transcript of the call was leaked by the representative.

It is said that the transcript contains contents asking for the understanding of former president Lee, saying that he strongly reprimanded the camp officials in relation to the remarks of 'impeachment'.

However, CEO Lee dismissed it, saying, "I have never provided a transcript."

However, an official from the party representative office said, "It seems that a working person, not a representative, accidentally leaked it," but told SBS reporters that it was not intentional.

President Yoon's side said, "If it's true, it's incomprehensible," and "It's very embarrassing."

In the Democratic Party, both Lee Jae-myung and Lee Nak-yeon's presidential primary were coincidentally scheduled for Honam.

Candidate Jae-myung Lee visited Haui-do, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, the birthplace of the late former President Kim Dae-jung.

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Candidate Nak-yeon Lee, who visited Gwangju, met and comforted the bereaved families of the victims of the building collapse.

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