China News Agency, Sao Paulo, August 13 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) The Sao Paulo City Council, Brazil, held an online celebration of "Chinese Immigration Day" on the 13th local time.

  Dozens of people including Chinese Consul General Chen Peijie in Sao Paulo, Deputy Consul General Tian Yuzhen, Sao Paulo City Councillor Salles, 25th Street Public Security Committee Chairman Mario, friends from all walks of life in Brazil, and representatives of overseas Chinese and Chinese were present.

  Chen Peijie said in a speech that August 15 is Brazil's "Chinese Immigration Day" and also the 47th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil.

All walks of life in Sao Paulo have a profound friendship with China and the Chinese people. Overseas Chinese living and working here regard this as their second hometown, and they have long been recognized for their love, contribution and recognition.

Under the epidemic situation, China and Pakistan helped each other to overcome the difficulties together, strengthened anti-epidemic cooperation at all levels, and strengthened their friendship.

The overseas Chinese overcame difficulties and continued to carry out mutual assistance and assistance, and donated batches of anti-epidemic materials and food baskets to the local community. The consulate general and Chinese-funded enterprises also did their best to provide assistance.

  On behalf of the Mayor of Sao Paulo, Nunez extended holiday congratulations to the Chinese and overseas Chinese, and highly affirmed the outstanding contributions of the Chinese and overseas Chinese to the economic and social development of Sao Paulo, the deepening of Pakistan-China friendship and the local fight against the epidemic, and thanked the Chinese government for its fight against the epidemic. Cooperation in materials and vaccines has provided strong support to Brazil.

She awarded certificates of commendation to overseas Chinese associations, organizations and individuals who are enthusiastic about public welfare and have contributed to Pakistan-China friendship.

  Ye Zhouyong, Acting President of the Brazilian Chinese Association, said in a speech that the first group of Chinese tea farmers came to Brazil more than 200 years ago, opening the history of Chinese immigration to Brazil. Currently, there are more than 300,000 Chinese and overseas Chinese living in Brazil.

Today, the Brazilian Chinese Association and 39 Chinese and overseas Chinese associations in Sao Paulo jointly launched the "Chinese Immigration Day" charity donation activity, donating 3,300 basic food baskets to 11 Brazilian charities, providing urgently needed food for the Brazilian poor in the epidemic, and fighting for Brazil The new crown epidemic contributes to the strength of the Brazilian Chinese and overseas Chinese.

At the same time, it will donate 200,000 yuan to the areas affected by heavy rains and floods in Henan, China, to support disaster relief and reconstruction in Henan.

  The Sao Paulo City Council broadcasted the event live on the Internet, and the event attracted a large number of local people to watch and leave messages enthusiastically.

  In 2017, the Sao Paulo City Council decided to designate August 15 every year as the "Chinese Immigration Day" in Sao Paulo.

On June 26, 2018, the then Brazilian President Temer signed a decree, officially establishing August 15th each year as "Chinese Immigration Day."