In late July 2021, the Office of the State Council’s Work Safety Commission dispatched 8 open and unannounced visit teams to conduct open and unannounced visits to key industries such as mining, fire protection, hazardous chemicals, industry and trade, and gas.

When the Second Open and Unannounced Visit Team of the Office of the State Council Security Committee conducted an open and unannounced visit to the safety production of coal mining enterprises in Chifeng City, the unannounced visit team found 65 hidden problems, including two major accident risks, including insufficient "three quantities" and imperfect ventilation systems. The safety exit of coal working face "hurdles" and other issues.

The Chifeng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government quickly arranged the implementation of the rectification and implementation of the feedback problems, and comprehensively investigated and rectified the hidden dangers of production safety.

The first is to impose penalties in accordance with laws and regulations.

For the Gonggeyingzi Coal Mine and Jianchangying Coal Mine, where the National Unannounced Interview Team pointed out that there are major accidents, the Chifeng Coal Supervision Bureau filed a case and ordered the two coal mines to suspend production for rectification, and fined 820,000 yuan and 860,000 yuan respectively.

In the next step, Chifeng City will continue to maintain a high-pressure posture of strict management of heavy penalties, insist on hiring third-party agencies and experts to participate in law enforcement, forcing enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities and form a long-term mechanism for safe production.

The second is to pay close attention to the implementation of problem rectification.

The Chifeng Development and Reform Commission and the Chifeng Coal Supervision Sub-bureau form a problem rectification supervision team responsible for supervising the problem rectification work.

Up to now, 62 of the 65 issues raised by the unannounced visit team’s inspection have been rectified, with a rectification completion rate of 95.4%, and 3 issues are being rectified in accordance with the rectification plan.

The third is to carry out comprehensive investigation and remediation.

In accordance with the requirements of the Open and Unannounced Visits Group of the Office of the State Council’s Security Committee, a comprehensive investigation and special inspection of production safety have been organized in the field of coal mines in Chifeng City.

Strictly follow the relevant regulations and the work requirements of the unannounced visit team, benchmark against the table, draw inferences from one another, learn lessons, maintain a high-pressure posture of strict management and heavy penalties, focus on actual results and rectify problems, ensure that problem rectification is in place, no dead ends, and at the same time rectify problems Promote simultaneously with the establishment of a long-term mechanism to achieve normalization and long-term rectification results.

(Headquarters reporter Liu Xiaobo Zhang Yang)