As the heat wave swept across Italy, on August 11 local time, a monitoring station in Sicily measured the temperature that day reached the highest temperature in European history-48.8 degrees Celsius.

If this number is recognized by the World Meteorological Organization, it will break the previous European record of 48 degrees Celsius set in Athens in 1977.

The Italian Meteorological Association confirmed the authenticity of the temperature report, but this record needs to go through a verification process before it is officially announced.

  This high-temperature heat wave not only caused some countries to set the highest temperature records in decades, but also caused the spread of wildfires in southern Italy. Sicily, Calabria and Puglia were the most affected areas.

  The Italian government has declared a state of emergency.

Turkey and Greece also suffered devastating fires.

Meteorologist Scott Duncan said that a dangerous heat wave is spreading across most of North Africa and southern Europe, and more high temperature records will be inevitable.

(Producing Guo Shihao)

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