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Power of the People, the conflict structure of 'Suk-Yeol Yoon vs. Jun-Seok Lee' faces a turning point this weekend. It seems that the party leadership will decide during the weekend whether or not to carry out the 'debate session', which is the detonator of the conflict, and tensions are rising, as pro-Yun Seok-yeol re-elected lawmakers openly criticize Lee Jun-seok.

Correspondent Kim Soo-young.

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phone call yesterday (12th) with former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, Lee Jun-seok, who again requested participation in the party's presidential debate debate.

We left room for last-minute compromise today.

He said, "We are collecting opinions from the top committee, including switching to the presentation method."

However, there are still many prospects that the weight has been put on pushing the debate on the 18th.

Seo Byung-soo, chairman of the Presidential Election Preparation Committee, also declared that he would 'adhere to the debate'.

[Seo Byeong-soo/People's Power Presidential Election Preparatory Committee Chairman: There are many things to say, but I will keep the framework as it is for this debate.]

Then, former President Yoon did not participate in the preliminary discussion session prepared by the

Election Preparatory Committee


16 re-elected lawmakers, most of whom are classified as pro-Yun Seok-yeol, issued a critical statement targeting Lee, saying, "We express deep concern for the words and writings pouring out."

Behind the conflict between the two sides, many analyzes say that "Lee Jun-seok is a 'Yoo Seung-min person'" and that there is distrust of Yoon's side.

In November of last year, President Lee called former President Yoon a 'dangerous presidential candidate', and in March he said this.

[Lee Jun-seok/CEO of People's Power (last March, Maeil Newspaper YouTube): Yoo Seung-min because I have someone to make a president. “What would you do if you became President Yoon Seok-yeol?” He said something like that. I have to leave the earth.] After

taking power, he shouted "The bus departs at the end of August" and pressured former President Yoon to join the party outside the party, creating tension on both sides.

[Yoon Seok-yeol/Former Prosecutor General (22nd of last month): Do you want to have separate politics of Yeouido and separate politics of the people?] On the

day that CEO Lee was away from the company, former President Yoon made a 'surprise entry' or attended a party event afterwards The successive absences were interpreted as a counterattack by former President Yoon, and again, as CEO Lee promoted a 'pre-election debate' that could be relatively disadvantageous to new runners, two people with the names 'Seok', 'Two Stone' Conflict ignited.

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