[Explanation] Zhou Qiaoling, a 9-year-old child from Taiwan, used immature brushwork and bright colors to outline a painting called "The Mermaid and Her Good Friend"; Lin Chenyu, a primary school student in Fuzhou, described the opera art and old age of his hometown with heart. The stage...These works in front of me are the creations of the students from both sides of the Taiwan Strait at the 8th Rongtai Primary and Middle School Students’ Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition.

On August 13, the reporter came to the Fujian Children's Library for field interviews.

  [Explanation] Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this year's calligraphy and painting exchange exhibition was held on the Internet as a platform and integrated online and offline.

The reporter saw that the Fujian Children’s Library, as an offline venue, exhibited a total of 205 works by special guests from both sides of the strait, as well as the first, second and third prize works of primary and secondary school students, including innocent and romantic children’s paintings and ink-and-wash Chinese paintings. , There is also calligraphy with flowing clouds and flowing water, rich in themes and colorful.

  [Concurrent] Lin Wenjing, a citizen of Fuzhou

  Seeing that children’s active thinking is better displayed, and can be displayed in paintings, look at other people’s works and learn better.

  [Concurrent] Yao Xingfu, Chairman of the Taiwan Art and Cultural Exchange Association of Lianjiang County, Fujian Province

  There is a dazzling array of works by children from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. From their works, we can see the customs and folklore characteristics of the people on both sides of the strait. I think this is very good, and I hope such activities can continue.

  [Explanation] "Family Straits·Rainbow Painting and Calligraphy" Rongtai Primary and Middle School Students' Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition has gone through seven sessions.

On the same day, the calligraphy and painting exchange exhibition also ushered in a lot of audiences. In the crowd, the reporter met Guo Weixi, the head of the art group of the Fuzhou Youth Activity Center. She was leading the students to observe the exhibition and carefully explained each The characteristics and creative techniques of the works,

  [Concurrent] Guo Weixi, Head of Art Group of Fuzhou Youth Activity Center

  This time, the works of Taiwanese students also received first, second, third prizes and excellence awards. Their works are also very interesting and interesting in life. They have built a bridge for young people on both sides of the strait to communicate, and they also give children a chance to learn from each other and communicate with each other. A platform of

  [Explanation] Guo Zhanxu, a 10-year-old boy from Fuzhou, created a traditional Chinese painting called "Treasures of the Capital of Mindu", which won the first prize in Group B of Fuzhou Chinese Painting Primary School.

On the same day, he was also watching the works of other friends at the scene of the painting exhibition.

  [Concurrent] Guo Zhanxu, a primary school student in Fuzhou

  This is an opportunity for our artistic exchanges, which can also promote the improvement of our painting skills, so I want to promote our Fujian specialties to children in Taiwan.

  [Explanation] This year's calligraphy and painting exchange exhibition collected more than 10,000 paintings and calligraphy works. 369 award-winning works were selected by experts and carefully compiled and printed into a book; 130 Taiwanese award-winning works, including 10 in Taipei, New Taipei, Nantou, Chiayi, etc. A masterpiece by elementary and middle school students in Taiwan's counties and cities.

The relevant person in charge of the organizer of the event stated that the children on both sides of the strait presented their beautiful feelings and wishes with their eyes, hands and heart, and each piece of work confirmed the innocent friendship of the students on both sides of the strait.

The organizer also hopes to further enhance the understanding of young people on both sides of the strait through the platform of calligraphy and painting.

  [Concurrent] Zheng Hanyu, a primary school student in Fuzhou

  In my paintings, people wear fur clothes and hats, wanting to express the belief that they have the same root on both sides of the strait. I feel that they paint better than me. I decided to learn from them and refer to their works when I paint in the future.

  [Concurrent] Huang Hong, Director of Aesthetic Education Research Center, Fujian Strait Education Research Institute

  We can see a lot of life in Taiwan from their children’s paintings, and our children can also see the lives of children in Fuzhou, so this kind of cultural exchange is actually of great significance to our cross-strait exchanges, and it is especially helpful. Great, we hope that through such a cultural exchange activity, children and children can have more interaction, and then understand each other, and then get to know each other.

  [Commentary] The 8th Rongtai Primary and Secondary School Students’ Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition is led by the Fuzhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference and the Fuzhou Strait Exchange Association. The Communist Youth League Fuzhou Municipal Committee, Fuzhou Education Bureau, Fuzhou Taiwan League, Taiwan’s New Taipei City Art Education Association, Taiwan’s Nantou County Investment Yuan The painting fair and other non-governmental associations and related departments of Rongtai and Taiwan are co-organized.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]