• Vacations Isabel Díaz Ayuso's discreet getaway to Ibiza with Nacho Cano and without escorts

  • Friendships This is the Ibizan case of Nacho Cano, host of Isabel Díaz Ayuso on the island

It has been the busiest year in the working life of

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

(42) and, as she did a few months ago, the president of the Community of Madrid



to Ibiza

to rest. After learning that politics has enjoyed

the company of Nacho Cano

on the island of Pitiusa, Ayuso has been seen on a paradisiacal beach with a small group of friends. Smiling and relaxed, aware of the expectation that her presence provokes, the president

has not hesitated to attend to the press.

Discreet in relation to her personal life and without wanting to reveal the reasons why

her boyfriend

does not accompany


on this long-awaited getaway, politics has dared to remember

the beautiful moment she lived

in Ibiza when the images they made public were captured their new romantic relationship.

The one he maintains with a toilet named Alberto González with whom he has already been seen on more than one occasion.

Always direct and decisive, Díaz Ayuso said

he had no idea where Nacho Cano was,

was delighted with "this wonderful island" and assured that "many people are my friends here because there are people from Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia ... ".

The question was inevitable, did Isabel Díaz Ayuso find love in Ibiza? The fact that their first photos with Alberto were on the island suggested that the place could have a certain meaning for them, but the popular woman settled any doubts in a very forceful way: "You can say no,

my love has nothing to do with it. see with Ibiza, it

is true that in Ibiza the thing was released there in style ".

If there is something traditional for the social press in the Balearic summers, it is posed in a swimsuit or bikini, so the journalists did not hesitate to propose it to a funny Isabel, who clarified the reason why according to her "I could not":

"I I can't with this color,

but come on, it's a wonder to gather strength in such a spectacular place, so I always want to recommend the Balearic Islands and especially Ibiza ".

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