He did not heed the instructions of the Secret Service

The American president takes a different path to reach the door of the White House

Biden appears behind him as a Secret Service agent.


Confused American President Joe Biden ignored the directions of Secret Service agents in the White House and strangely took another route to reach the front door of the White House through the garden, other than the one indicated by Secret Service agents, after spending some time in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden was filmed taking another direction across the park, despite the agent's attempts to dissuade him.

The video sparked a blatant criticism of the 78-year-old president, and made some wonder if Biden was suffering from the effects of dementia.

Biden surpassed former President Donald Trump as the oldest elected president ever, by eight years in the time he took office.

Sean Spicer, who served as Trump's press secretary, tweeted: "Watch this video carefully."

The Babylon Bee Republican satirist Frank Fleming claimed he wrote the same events in the video earlier in the day for a fictional satirical article.

In the article, he wrote, "President Biden spoke of the program's success, chanting to reporters (What is Tik Tok?), before losing his way on his way back to the front door of the White House."

Josh Barnett, an Arizona Republican who is expected to run for Congress in 2022, wrote on Twitter that Biden was "lost" and "ignorant."

"They literally pointed him to the path he should take, but he just kept going in the wrong direction," tweeted Jacques Posubic, editor of Human Events.

Others joked that Biden "looks like a robot that hasn't been programmed properly and can't even keep walking on the sidewalk," and others pointed to signs of "dementia" and "Alzheimer's."

One of them says: "I like the reaction of the intelligence agent who is walking behind him...".

However, a few Biden loyalists defended the president's behavior, and one said, "It seems that the intelligence agent was signaling to the president that this road is closed, and he should go the other way," and asks, "Do you think Secret Intelligence is directing the president to the paths that he is going?" .

It is well known that Biden made a number of mistakes even before he became president.

His apparent cognitive decline reached the point where some House Republicans urged him to take cognitive tests in June.

Ronnie Jackson, the former White House physician who claimed Trump "passed" the cognitive test, also called on Biden to do the same.

In addition to his faltering steps upon boarding the presidential plane, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces also faltered last month, when he claimed that “Facebook kills people,” then retracted his comments three days later, claiming that “Facebook does not kill people.”

"I hope [Facebook] will do something about the misinformation, the obscene information about the vaccine, that's what I meant," Biden said when he retracted his earlier comments.

Biden became a laughingstock at the G7 summit in June when he tried to correct British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for "not introducing him to the president of South Africa", even though the prime minister had already.

The president has always had a list of mistakes when speaking out, such as suggesting that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would have been a better vice president than he was when he was running for vice president during Barack Obama's race for president.

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