• Biden cancels the ban against TikTok and WeChat: Donald Trump's executive orders revoked

  • TikTok will block the app for children under 13.

    Privacy Guarantor: we will verify its effectiveness


August 11, 2021TikTok was the most downloaded application of 2020, surpassing all the apps of the battleship Facebook. 

The trend, which has been going on for some time towards Mark Zuckerberg's galaxy, is confirmed by the numbers of the analysis company App Annie, reported by Nikkei Asia. 

As early as May - according to monthly data from another analytics firm, Sensor Tower - TikTok had beaten Facebook. And in January, also Sensor Tower, had declared it the most profitable (non-gaming) app globally with nearly $ 128 million from paying users. 

The numbers reported by Nikkei Asia are significant in light of the pandemic and also taking into account that for a good part of 2020 the chat owned by the Chinese company Bytedance was under the threat of the US ban. Ban lifted by the new American president Joe Biden on June 9th. 

According to App Annie's analysis, TikTok was fourth in 2019 (now it's first). Facebook-owned apps have occupied the top positions since 2018 (start of surveys) and continue to dominate the top of the rankings. The social media giant remains firmly in the top 5 with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. In sixth and seventh place are SnapChat and Telegram.

Even in Italy TikTok had a leap with the pandemic but the platform also ended up under the lens of the privacy guarantor, after some news stories, who asked for a close to the profiles of "under 13" users. 

Khabi Lame first European over

100 million


TikTok "is proud to celebrate the first TikTok creator in Europe and the second in the world to reach 100 million followers: Khaby Lame (@ khaby.lame)". This is what the social media writes in a note, which reads how "with his mimicry, which has now become iconic and his irony, Khaby represents the power of simplicity, showing that there is always a less complicated way to carry out even the most difficult, not only in the videos I post, but also as a way of living life ". 

"I am honored to have achieved this result - commented Khaby Lame - which would not have been possible without the uniqueness and affection of the TikTok community. Entertaining and making people laugh is my passion, which I have cultivated since I was a child. grateful to TikTok for offering me a global stage to live my passion and share it with the world. I will continue to work for my dreams and I know I can count on a beautiful community ready to cheer me on. Thank you all . I love you".