The Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York which has been accused of sexual harassment has resigned voluntarily. A year ago, he was popular as a response to the coronavirus and was even mentioned as a strong presidential candidate by the Democratic Party of the United States, but as the results of the investigation that confirmed the sexual harassment were announced, he was disgraced and resigned.

Correspondent Kim Jong-won of New York.


Cuomo, who maintained his innocence despite successive sexual harassment allegations.

However, when the prosecution announced that it was true that 11 former and current aides were sexually harassed, they eventually held a resignation press conference.

However, he has denied the allegations.

[Andrew Cuomo/Governor of New York: (closely hugging and kissing) I've been doing it all my life. As far as I can remember, I am that kind of person. But I've never crossed the line with anyone.]

The reaction of New Yorkers is cold.

[Gloria Olled / Cuomo Sexual Abuse Victims Attorney: Cuomo has violated several laws in several cases. Now is the time for him to pay for his actions.] The

bridge you see behind you now is called Cuomo Bridge.

In 2017, Governor Cuomo renamed the bridge to Cuomo Bridge in honor of his father, who was also governor of New York.

However, right after Governor Cuomo announced his voluntary resignation today (11th), public opinion is pouring in among New Yorkers that the name of Cuomo should be removed from the bridge and restored to its original state.

President Biden has also been criticized for his remarks that seemed to slander Cuomo.

[Joe Biden/President of the United States: Cuomo has done a great job. Everything from voting rights to building infrastructure. That's why I'm so sad.]

Cuomo, who was also pressured to resign from his own Democratic lawmakers.

Although he voluntarily resigned from impeachment, it seems difficult to avoid prosecution as several district prosecutors' offices in New York are investigating Cuomo's sex crimes.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-wook, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)