Afghan migrants: Germany and the Netherlands suspend deportations

A migrant camp in Friedland, Germany, in April 2016 (illustrative image).

REUTERS / Kai Pfaffenbach

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A flip-flop in Berlin and Amsterdam, which announced on Wednesday August 11 the suspension of expulsions of Afghan migrants to their country of origin due to the fighting there between the Taliban and pro-government forces.


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It's a turnaround.

Six European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, had just sent a

joint letter

to the European Commission asking that the expulsions of Afghan migrants not be suspended.

This risked being interpreted, they said in their letter, as an encouragement to migrate to Europe.

They advocated support for countries neighboring Afghanistan so that they could receive refugees. 

The worsening

situation in Afghanistan

got the better of their arguments.


 Due to the development of the security situation 

" in the country " 

we will satisfy the request of the government in Kabul for a suspension of expulsions until October, 

" said the head of German diplomacy.

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Six-month moratorium

Events for the coming period are so uncertain that the moratorium on deportations and departures will apply for six months for Afghan nationals, a member of the Dutch government said.

The left-wing parties and associations for the defense of asylum seekers denounced this declared will of their respective governments to continue expulsions, despite the deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan. 


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