Madrid (AFP)

A drop of milk hanging from a nipple: the poster for the upcoming film by Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, "Madres Paralelas", has been temporarily withdrawn from Instagram for breach of the terms of use, causing heated controversy.

"Shame on you Instagram", denounced the poster's author, the Spanish graphic designer Javier Jaen, posting a screenshot of the social network explaining the removal of the image on Monday for not respecting its "rules of use".

The poster features a black and white nipple from which hangs a drop of milk, inside an eye on a red background, the whole giving the impression of a crying eye.

“As expected, Instagram removed the poster (...) I put it back online. Thank you for sharing it,” then posted the artist on his Instagram account, where the image still appeared on Tuesday morning.

The case drew numerous comments in Spanish media and on social media.

Instagram, which is part of the Facebook group, is regularly singled out for automatic image removal under its very strict nudity and anti-pornography policy.

Contacted by AFP, Pedro Almodóvar's production company did not wish to react.

"Madres paralelas", which is due out September 10 in Spanish theaters, will open the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival, where it will compete and which is held from September 1 to 11.

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