Henan speeds up post-disaster reconstruction

  Strive to restore normal production and living order within three months

  Flood prevention in key areas of the State General Defense Deployment

  "People's Daily" (Version 05 on August 10, 2021)

  Zhengzhou, August 9 (Reporter Ma Yuefeng) On August 9, the reporter learned from the press conference of "Henan Province Speeds Up Post-disaster Reconstruction": Henan Province is striving to basically complete the damaged important municipal facilities and infrastructure within one month after the disaster. , Public service facilities maintenance and repair tasks, within 3 months to complete the transportation, water conservancy, meteorology, power, communications, municipal infrastructure and other infrastructure reinforcement and basic function repair, restore the normal order of production and life in urban and rural areas.

  According to reports, Henan Province has allocated a total of 9.03 billion yuan in financial and donated funds for disaster relief, and allocated 377,600 pieces (sets) of disaster relief materials.

So far, 1.869 million people suffering from disasters have been provided with temporary assistance, and 120 million yuan has been issued.

  At 10 o'clock on the morning of August 8, with the resumption of traffic in the flooded section of Shangdeng Expressway K126-K127, the last expressway breakpoint in Henan Province, the entire province's expressways were fully restored.

In terms of railways, all lines except the Tai (former) Jiao (zuo) railway have been rushed through.

In terms of inland waterway navigation, 173 kilometers below the Shaying River and Luohe have resumed navigation, and Zhoukou Port and Luohe Port have resumed production.

In terms of urban transportation, bus lines and taxis in the heavily-hit cities such as Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang, and Hebi have fully resumed production and operation.

In terms of base stations, 68,330 base stations were restored in the province, accounting for 98.5% of the total number of base stations retired due to disasters.

  Henan is in the critical period of "seven lower and eight upper" flood control.

According to preliminary statistics, the torrential rain disaster caused more than 38,000 water conservancy projects in the province to be destroyed. The emergency repairs are time-critical, heavy tasks, and difficult.

As of the 8th, the province has completed 3,486 water-damaged repair projects.

  Our newspaper, Beijing, August 9th (Reporter Qiu Chaoyi) On the 9th, the National Defense Directorate and the China Meteorological Administration, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the Ministry of Natural Resources will discuss and judge, and the video links Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Heilongjiang and other places of anti-fighting and fire protection The Rescue Corps and the Forest Fire Corps will further deploy flood control work in key areas.

The meeting pointed out that the focus of the current flood control work is to patrol and defend the Nenjiang, Songhuajiang, Heilongjiang and other super-alert rivers in the northeast, prevent heavy rainfall in the southwest, respond to strong convective weather in northern China and central and eastern Inner Mongolia, and defend the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.