, Wuhan, August 9 (Reporter Ma Furong) Wuhan University issued an obituary on the 9th. Qi Minyou, a famous mathematician, educator, former president of Wuhan University, professor of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, and doctoral tutor, is invalid in 2021. He died in Wuhan at 17:17 on August 8, 2005 at the age of 92.

  Qi Minyou was born in Anhui in February 1930 in Wuhu City, Anhui Province.

He was admitted to the Department of Mathematics of Wuhan University in 1948. He graduated from 1952 and stayed as a teacher. From July 1982 to April 1988, he served as the vice president of Wuhan University. From April 1988 to October 1992, he served as the president of Wuhan University. He retired in 2000.

Qi Minyou (data map) Photo courtesy of Wuhan University

  Qi Minyou is a well-known expert on partial differential equations in my country, and has made a series of important research results in the theory of partial differential equation operators, Fuchs type and singular partial differential equations.

His monograph "Introduction to Linear Partial Differential Operators" (Volumes 1 and 2) published in the 1980s has become one of the main academic works on the research direction of partial differential equations.

He was entitled "Research on Fuchs Type and Singular Partial Differential Equations" and won the fourth prize of National Natural Science in 1987.

  In order to vigorously develop the subject of mathematics in China, Qi Minyou, Wang Rouhuai and other teachers have organized a "Seminar on Quasi-Differential Operators and Fourier Integral Operators" in my country since 1978.

This class has played a foundational role for our country to catch up with the international second and third generations of harmonic analysis theories and the harmonic analysis methods of the dispersion development equations after the 1980s, and contribute to the theoretical research of partial differential equations in my country Made outstanding contributions.

  After retiring, Qi Minyou continued to work hard and continued to care about the reform of mathematics education.

In 2010, Qi Minyou, who was already 80 years old, began to spend four years alone translating the "Princeton Mathematics Guide" (three volumes) with a total of more than 1,600 pages.

He was also invited to translate Cantor’s famous works, sitting in front of the computer and working for several hours every day.

  Qi Minyou has trained a large number of outstanding mathematics talents for our country.

He once said: "As a teacher, his target of work is people, individuals with thoughts and sentiments. Therefore, to be a good teacher not only requires him to use his own thoughts and sentiments to influence students, but also to use his own. Professional knowledge to shape a person." He also sent a message to the students: "A person can only get real value by integrating his life with a great cause, just as the same drop of water poured into the sea will never dry up. The prosperity of the country, the nation Prosperity is the great cause we face." (End)