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Still today there are people who

are shocked or uncomfortable

when they see a mother breastfeeding her child.

That is why for some time now, many women have been struggling to normalize and

give visibility

to this very natural moment, in addition to speaking openly about the problems and inconveniences they encounter when feeding their children in this way. little ones.

Not only external, but also internal dilemmas, physical pain and complicated decisions.

In the

week of breastfeeding

that has just ended, there have been many celebrities who have taken the opportunity to talk about their experiences breastfeeding, including the minister of equality

Irene Montero

(33) or the actress

Sara Sálamo


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has opened up on the channel

like never before as far as her life as a mother is concerned, confessing that

the premature birth

of her twins made it difficult for her to maintain twin breastfeeding, so after a few weeks at home they

ended up going to feeding bottle.

In the case of her second daughter, Irene has said that she

continues to breastfeed

despite the fact that she

is two years old.

Montero has not hesitated to

thank her partner and family for the affection

in everything that refers to this issue and to acknowledge the fears and doubts that she still feels as a woman today.

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For her part,

Sara Sálamo

, who has been talking about breastfeeding since she became a mother for the first time, has also wanted to vindicate it. With an image in which she appears


as one of her last characters, the actress has spoken of how complicated as well as gratifying it is to reconcile work with a nursing child. "This little guy here, accompanied me day and night. Dressing rooms, hotels and caravans, where he

was anxiously waiting for his tit.

Our moments. Those moments of reconnecting with something so powerful and that wrapped us in the bubble of 'everything is fine' . Here, well, we are safe. But

it is not, nor has it been, all the color of roses ...

The nights have been VERY HARD.

Going to work having slept two, three or four hours because only I can feed you, has put me

to the physical and psychological test every day

this month and a half ".

Natalia Sánchez, Dafne Fernández or María Castro

are other artists who have spoken about this.

A topic that they are used to

talking about naturally

but that they have not wanted to miss during the week of giving it visibility.

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