Chinanews, August 9th, a comprehensive report, on the 8th local time, a former administrative assistant accused of sexual harassment by the governor of New York State, Cuomo, made his public debut for the first time, saying that the governor constituted a "crime" for her behavior.

At the same time, the Sheriff of Albany County, New York, said that Cuomo may face misdemeanor charges.

  According to reports, Brittany Comiso was marked as "Administrative Assistant No. 1" in the investigation report on allegations of sexual harassment recently released by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

  When asked why he decided to file a criminal report with the Sheriff’s Office, Comiso said in a public interview that Cuomo “needs to take responsibility” and “this is the right approach.” She also said, “What he did to me What he did was a crime. He broke the law."

  Zhan Lexia’s report released last week recorded the statements of 11 women who said that Cuomo had sexually harassed them.

The investigation found that Cuomo violated state and federal laws, and he and his assistants also retaliated against a former employee who made the charges.

  According to the report, Cuomo had “have inappropriate behaviors” on Comiso, and made comments and joked about her personal life and interpersonal relationships.

  In addition, Comiso had made a criminal report to the Albany Sheriff’s Office on August 5.

Sheriff Epper stated on the 7th that the office is in the early stages of investigation and said that if these allegations are confirmed by investigators, Cuomo may face misdemeanor charges.

  Epper said that a "very comprehensive" investigation will be conducted with the Albany County District Attorney's Office.

  Epper said the next steps include waiting for the attorney general's investigation materials and interviews with the victims. After that, the sheriff's office will decide with the Albany District Attorney's office whether to continue to file criminal charges.

  When asked about the possible charges Cuomo might face, Epper said: "From what I have read so far, I may be prosecuted for a misdemeanor, but again, this is just a report from the Attorney General. ."

  Although U.S. President Biden and the entire New York Congress delegation urged Cuomo to step down, the latter still refused to resign.

He insisted that he did not touch anyone improperly.

  So far, at least five district attorney offices have launched investigations into Como for alleged incidents within their jurisdiction covered in the report, including Manhattan, Albany, Westchester, Nassau County and Osway Ge County.