, August 8th. According to the Argentine Chinese Network, on August 6, local time, Weng Xin, the head of the Mar del Plata, the police and civilian liaison group of the Argentine China Assistance Center, and his party came to Yinhai for safety. Department, received a warm reception from Horacio Jose Garcia, Minister of Security of Silver Sea City.

  In the meantime, Minister Horacio thanked the overseas Chinese delegation, represented by the Argentine Chinese Aid Center Silver Sea Branch, for their understanding and support of the security police force in Yinhai City, especially since the epidemic. The security and law enforcement agencies donated anti-epidemic materials, which effectively alleviated the plight of the shortage of epidemic prevention materials for front-line police officers. Especially now that Argentina has found infection with the delta mutant virus and close contacts, the third wave of epidemic is about to break out. Further strengthen precautions and do not take it lightly. The Yinhai City Security Department will do its best to cooperate closely with the local overseas Chinese delegation, and with the active assistance of the police and civilian liaison team of the China Assistance Center, communicate and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the overseas Chinese and the safety of life and property.