Israeli sources revealed the signing of an agreement between Israel and Bahrain aimed at confronting Iran, as part of what they described as a "war of ideas", while a senior Bahraini official, during his visit to Israel on Sunday, criticized the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.

According to the sources, the memorandum of understanding aims to confront Iran in the framework of what it described as a "war of ideas and to enhance cooperation between the two sides in the field of research."

The memorandum was signed by Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Bahraini Deputy Foreign Minister, with Israeli official Dor Gold, who is head of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

At the beginning of his visit, the Bahraini official attacked the nuclear agreement with Iran, saying that it ignited crises in the region, fueled more hatred and extremism, and doubled the flow of refugees to Europe.

Bahrain hopes

Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said - during a press conference in occupied Jerusalem - that Bahrain had hoped that the agreement would open a new page for Iran and the region.

According to The Times of Israel, the official added, "On the contrary, the agreement has fueled crises throughout the region. The number of refugees who have fled to Europe has increased. It has caused more incitement to extremism and hatred in many from different regions in the region.

What we see from a Bahraini perspective and my country's experience with Iran is continuous interference in my country's internal affairs, support for extremism and terrorism, and continuous smuggling of weapons, explosives and drugs.

In mid-September, the UAE and Bahrain signed two agreements to normalize relations with Israel (agencies)

4 days visit

Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa arrived in Israel this morning for a four-day visit, and is scheduled to meet with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, according to the Jerusalem Post.

He will also meet with officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the Israeli-Bahraini relations.

In addition, he will visit universities, organizations and research institutes throughout Israel.

The Israeli newspaper stated that this is the second visit of the Bahraini Deputy Foreign Minister to Israel, after a previous visit he made last December.

Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdul Latif Al-Zayani visited Israel last November, about two months after the two countries signed an agreement to normalize relations between them.

And in mid-September, the UAE and Bahrain signed two agreements to normalize relations with Israel, during a ceremony at the White House with the participation of former US President Donald Trump.