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08 August 2021

As soon as the US gives 'full' approval to one or more of the anti-covid19 vaccines - so far authorized only according to emergency procedures by the Food and drug administration - there will be a "flood" of mandatory mandates for workers in many sectors to immunize themselves against the virus. This is what Anthony Fauci foresees. According to the leading American expert on covid, "colleges, schools, private companies, business groups, hospitals and so on, will feel more protected even at the local level in requiring mandatory vaccinations for their employees." The director of the US Institute of Infectious Diseases also stressed that "we live in a kind of dystopian world with the public inundated with lies and misinformation" about covid and vaccines.


people likely to need booster doses The White House Chief Medical Adviser also said he felt very likely that some people will need booster doses to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Speaking to NBC, he said especially people with compromised immune systems are likely not to have a strong immune response and that vaccine protection has been shown to "wane" over time.

He added that booster doses will likely be given first to the elderly and immunosuppressed, adding that this will happen "as soon as the data gets to us."

Anyone close to a child should be vaccinated

"Anyone who is close to a child should be vaccinated, and precisely in what should be the protected environment par excellence for the little ones, namely the school": Anthony Fauci has no doubts and speaks very clearly: the top American immunologist, adviser to the President Biden on covid, in a meeting with the newspaper 'Usa Today' reiterates that he is absolutely in favor of schools in presence for American children starting from September. But the conditions for this to happen without risking the health of children must be stringent: vaccines for anyone in contact with them and mandatory masks. With the Delta variant constantly increasing in the country and its ability to infect the little ones apparently more than the previous versions of the Sars-Cov2, Fauci cannot make any mistakes: "For me, vaccinating all adults close to children is common sense, yet even for other measures such as the use of masks in schools we see reactions and rebellions like in Florida. "In the state, in fact, Governor Ron De Santis has even threatened to block funds from schools that require the obligation to wear masks. "It makes no sense not to want to protect children," the scientist vented.the scientist vented.the scientist vented.