China News Service, Zhengzhou, August 7th (Wang Dengfeng and Yang Dayong) In the past few days, overseas Chinese in many places have donated money and materials to Henan's severely flooded areas in different ways, which moved the people in the disaster areas.

They said that the assistance across thousands of rivers and mountains has strengthened the confidence in post-disaster reconstruction in the disaster-stricken area and has given the disaster-stricken area the strength to overcome difficulties.

  The flood disaster in Henan in late July caused heavy casualties and property losses. Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Hebi, Zhoukou, Jiaozuo, Anyang and other places were affected by the disaster.

Upon learning of the disaster, overseas Chinese and Chinese have extended a helping hand to their hometowns.

  "Gather love and hope, let us carry the disaster together!" After the Brazilian Henan Association issued a proposal to support Henan flood relief, members of the Association, the Brazilian Chinese Mutual Aid Group, and the Brazilian Chinese Charity Group responded in succession.

The Brazilian Henan Association donated more than RMB 300,000 through the China Chinese Education Foundation for the post-disaster reconstruction of Juntun Village and Yantun Village, Dunfangdian Township, Weihui City, and Baimao Village, Zhanjie Town, Gongyi City.

  The disaster in Henan affected the heart of Jiao Zhenlong, the president of the Henan Association of Canada and the Henan Chamber of Commerce. Under his initiative, it was as large as pumps, generators, and tents, as small as gas stoves, flashlights, and drinking water, worth nearly 500,000 yuan. The materials were aided to the most urgently needed streets and hospitals in Gongyi, Xinxiang and Hebi.

  In Vancouver, the Canadian Henan Association of Friendship and the General Chamber of Commerce launched a fund-raising activity called "Support for Love in Hometown" and donated the 100,000 yuan raised to the Zhengzhou Red Cross and Zhengzhou Overseas Chinese Federation.

Zhang Zhiyong, president of the Friendship Federation, expressed that he hopes to do his best to help flood prevention and disaster relief in his hometown.

  In Alberta, Canada, the alumni of Peking University Henan who learned of the disaster purchased 5 tons of high-concentration 84 disinfectant and 100 pressure-stroke sprayers to support 11 villages along the Weihe River in Xiaohe Town, Junxian County.

In Montreal, Canada, Quebec Henan Association, Henan Chamber of Commerce and other overseas Chinese groups issued a "Flood Ruthless "Fengyu" in the same boat" proposal to support Henan flood relief, calling on local overseas Chinese groups to lend a helping hand within their capabilities.

  The president of the Brazilian Henan Association, Shi Champion, said that the donations were “used for emergency relief needs, to express our and Henan folks’ blood is thicker than water, we are overcoming the difficulties together, and we help each other out.”

  Hebi was the hardest hit area of ​​this disaster. According to relevant personnel from the United Front Work Department of the Hebi Municipal Party Committee, as of now, according to incomplete statistics, overseas overseas Chinese have donated about 1.53 million yuan to Hebi City, with materials equivalent to more than 1.69 million yuan. This donation expresses the profound nostalgia of overseas Chinese with blood dissolved in water and the feelings of the family and the country. This assistance spanning thousands of rivers and mountains has given the people in the disaster-stricken areas the confidence to rebuild their homes. (Finish)