• Camorra, two clans hit in the Neapolitan area: 26 arrests


07 August 2021 He was about to fly to Spain, to Malaga, to visit his daughter and take care of some business Maria Licciardi, considered by the Naples prosecutor's office to be the head of the homonymous clan founded by his brother Gennaro.

The woman was stopped this morning at the Rome Ciampino airport by the carabinieri del Ros.

Together with her, in line, for the delivery of baggage, there were also two companions for whom no precautionary measures have been arranged at the moment.

Maria Licciardi, when she was surrounded by the military, did not put up any resistance. She remained calm when they showed her the detention order issued by the Naples Public Prosecutor who accuses her of being the top element of the clan whose name she bears and one of the leading members of the historic mafia cartel called 'Alleanza di Secondigliano '. 

The Licciardi clan has a stronghold in the Secondigliano district, but also branches in Campania, in other regions of Italy and alliances abroad.

Maria Licciardi is the recipient of a prosecutor's arrest and must answer for criminal association of a mafia type, extortion, receiving stolen sums of money and disruption of the regular conduct of a judicial auction, crimes aggravated by mafia methods.

After the death of his brother boss Gennaro, who died in a cell in Voghera in 1994, together with the other brothers Vincenzo and Pietro he had taken over the reins of the clan and the cartel with the Contini, gaining more and more weight.

Arrested in 2001, she was released from prison in December 2009 and since then has taken over the management of the clan which can count on an area manager in the organization's area of ​​influence (Masseria Cardone, Don Guanella district, Berlingieri and Vasto district).